For me

My current fave accessory


lovexiaolongbao said...

niiiice!! i've never worn stuff hair accessories like tht before.

lovexiaolongbao said...

i mean i've never worn hair accessories like tht before.

imp said...

VERY NICE! where did u get this one?!!! I'm thinking of getting hairbands too. but i'm scared i end up looking like a kid coz i never seem to look good in them. :p

Jacinta said...

Wow, it looks great! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I am so into headbands these days! This one dresses up any plain outfit and adds a touch of glam :)

From a shop that does Korean accessories! Very nice hor. I realise it really depends on the shape of the band - every one is different. Some make me look really weird too.

Thanks :)

Amanda said...

You looked so preetty in that at Bev's wedding!!