The Chateau decision

I have always really liked the clothes from here.

By the time I found time to pop into the boutique however, I had already accumulated a stash of clothes for Bubbles - courtesy of generous family and friends, several hand-me-downs, and my mini shopping sprees. So I did the wise thing, and decided since then not to buy any more clothes for Bubbles.

Now, if I were to buy anything, it will be stuff like
- toys (she currently has none, except for 2 stuffed toys)
- books (I get confused by the variety found at bookshops and hence have not bought anything)
- a mat thingy with toys hanging down for her to play with (great as a changing mat too!)
- a playmat (this seem to be useful!)
- a highchair (I would like her to learn to sit at the table!)
- a collapsible playpen (we need to take this up to KL when we visit her grandparents)

Very practical stuff!

Still, I got a thrill when I received this present, passed to Roboman during his recent trip up to KL. I think it could be an outfit Bubbles wears for her full-month celebrations, or Christmas, depending on how she grows!


Cindy said...

Tab has a dress from the same place too! Really pretty! :D

Btw, do you have preferences on the type of play mat? I have an extra super pinky play gym (small mat with things hanging there) which Tab only used like for 2 weeks. Would you like to have it? :)

Anonymous said...

i got some chateau clothes too! it's so cute!


Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh so that is what it is called! A play gym! hehe. Thanks for the offer, I really don't mind taking over a pinky play gym :) Thanks so much. Will drop you a mail.

Looks like it is quite popular! Very classic designs.

Anonymous said...

Yeah mail me. :) you have my email add? If not can fb me. :)-cindy

Jamie said...

wow you've acquired more practical stuff then me! i've yet to buy a playmat and highchair!
toys, also not much.. quite simple to entertain her actually for now..

and yes, i like chateau stuff too, but the material is really hard to iron! which is annoying becos u expect baby clothes to be crumple free since they're lying down half the time..

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

No no, I haven't gotten all those yet! Spreading out the spending till later. We just received a hand-me-down highchair though :) Eep about ironing. And I can imagine baby's clothes harder to iron as they are so tiny!

Little Miss Snooze said...

A good highchair is the one from IKEA, I realised, as its not space-taking and easy to just hose down when its dirty(often after each meal!)
As for books, anything goes!As long as there's colours! And better if there are sounds/flaps etc for them to play around.

Love love love the clothes from chateau (the girl stuff esp!)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yes, I really like the Ikea highchairs too! And now they come in more colours. I have been handed down an old-fashioned type of highchair, the kind with upholstered seats with some cartoons on them. Am thinking too that it will be harder to wash. Might get an Ikea one later on. Play by ear. Hehe, you like buying girl's stuff! :)