8-Pages: Starting Out

I sat her down, and told her that our family has been praying for a good helper to be part of our household. That we could share a good working relationship with her. I then gave her a new notebook, and a set of the 8-pages. We then spent some time together as I and went through our contact details, emergency numbers, house rules, a daily work schedule, and detailed notes about how I would like chores to be done.

With assurances that I would go through each duty together with her, I walked her through all our rooms, and started to teach her a few simpler tasks. She has never used any of the home equipment we are used to in modern Singapore, so everything had to be done in these few steps: Verbal Explanation, Demonstration, then Observation of her work.

I've had a very tiring 2 days of training her. The 2 days have been peppered by amusing occurances, and heartening experiences. I'm very grateful for Roboman and mum to call on over the next few days to take over some of the training process!

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