They're back

...some 1st trimester symptoms that is. Plus full-on 3rd trimester ones.

The nausea is back. Thankfully not in full vengence like in the 1st 16 weeks of pregnancy. A gentler version, but definitely back.

Tiredness has come back in full though force though, if not more so. I have very little "awake" hours now. It is straight to bed after dinners on weekdays, and sleep between meal times on weekends! This is probably because I can't do a full night's sleep anymore. I am up 3 times a night to pee, and either sleep very fitfully in between, or am unable to fall back asleep at all.

I think I only slept for 3 hours last night. I spent the rest of the time trying very hard to sleep, walking to and from the bathroom, and watching Roboman look so blissful while sleeping. My brain is now in a haze.

Leg cramps on my calves bugged me till I started wearing socks to bed. They really help! Although I'm not really sure why, since the socks don't reach all the way up to my knees.

Oh, and the backaches. They're here to stay. Roboman thinks it is funny that he is asked to 'punch' this wife every night.

I'm very thankful though that I don't yet have any stretchmarks, despite my skin being stretched taut. I say "yet" because I am fully prepared to get them. Roboman thinks it is fine if stretchmarks appear, as they will be natural markings of this whole pregnancy process.

Bubbles now moves with much force these days. I can feel her sliding around, and can see multiple movements popping up on my tummy's surface. I was sitting around having a chat with some colleagues the other day when one suddenly exclaimed while pointing to my tummy: I saw that! And that! Bubbles was probably dancing.

Finally, to end of this long post written with a hazy brain, tons of people are telling me my stomach shape looks like I am carrying a BOY. Every week at least 2-3 new people tell me so, and some even express outright surprise when I tell them the scans show that I'm having GIRL. I still don't look pregnant from the back at all, and my tummy sticks straight out. I don't really believe this tummy shape thing, but it will be hilarious if the next scan (tomorrow) shows we were wrong after all. I'll have to re-stock everything! I'm ok with boys wearing pink, but not ribbons or ruffles or other girly embellishments!


yuling said...

Oh yes, the restless nights due to leg cramps and countless toilet breaks! I remember them so well! It was very tiring initially, but gradually, I think I got so used to it that I could fall right back to sleep later. Heh. Also, I think it helps to shift your body very slowly when you wanna change your sleeping position - less leg cramps for me. Lie on your left as much as possible!

Hang in there, dear! :)

Jamie said...

the not being able to sleep part? i think its our body's way of preparing us for sleepless nights when the baby arrives!
try to get as much sleep as u can.. i regretted not sleeping more whenever i had the time.. :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh yes! That shifting body slowly is so important. Anyway I move so much slower these days in general. Like a tortoise, except that the weight is in front, not the back. haha.

Eep, I am dreading that actually. I function badly with lack of sleep. Have to pray for grace when Bubbles comes!

edibebe said...

it doesnt matter wat pple say abt ur tummy... :)

my advice is... sleep as much as u can NOW! once baby is out, u will miss the days of being able to sleep thru the nite and waking up late on weekends.