Pre-natal Massage

Earlier in my pregnancy, I asked my gynae about her views on pre-natal massages. Sadly for me then, she didn't encourage it. She explained that there are points on the lower back and feet that when stimulated, could induce labour. So unless the masseuse is well-trained, she didn't think it was necessary nor a good idea, suggesting instead that Roboman could give me normal backrubs.

My dear husband however, asked if I wanted to sign up for one of the mother-to-be treatments at Spa Botanica, since it was within the resort we were staying at. I decided to give it a try, with his blessings.

All in all, it was a pleasant experience. I didn't stay to use the facilities (they have a nice plunge pool with a waterfall that I would have loved to try) as I wanted to go back after my treatment to be with the hubs. The service was discreet, and I was treated with utmost gentleness and care, as I was obviously very pregnant and waddling away.

Unfortunately though, I am used to forceful, deep tissue massages. I can take, and enjoy massages where a lot of pressure is used. No masseuse is going to do that for a pregnant woman though, for obvious reasons. So while I could nap while the massage was going on, I didn't get that shiok feeling I usually do with deeper massages.

Also, being pregnant meant that I needed to lie on my side, AND wake up halfway to flip sides. So that was not so nice for me. Like being awakened in the middle of a nice slumber.
Still, it was nice to be pampered, and I look forward to post-natal massages where I will get to lie on my belly, and I think more force can be used!


Jacinta said...

Sounds so interesting! I didn't realise there were such treatments catered for mums-to-be, hehe.

Poiema said...

The post natal ones will knead yr uterus back into shape! My gynae said gals who did the massage had uterus shrinking back faster; a gd thing! The wrap can sometimes be uncomfortably tight tho. But no pain no gain heh.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Haha, you learn as you go along. I learnt a lot through this whole pregnancy process and preparing for motherhood! Still a long way to go.

Wow she actually said that? Yeah I heard that the wrap is uncomfortable and that you'll sweat a lot. You're right - no choice if we want our waists back! heh.