Ok, laugh at me!

I did another silly fumble!

Upon changing departments, one of my new team-mates asked me for my mobile number. I rattled it off to her without thinking much about it.

This morning, I received a forwarded text from Roboman, with an attached message asking if I knew who the sender was, as he has been receiving a number of messages from her.

I stared at my phone and realised what I did! I gave her Roboman's number instead of my own!


Err well, my excuse is that I have to dial his number pretty often, and never my own!


  1. i did that too! and i was NOT pregnant at that time. *blush*

  2. hee hee... dun worry, once bubbles is out, u'll be back to normal again!

  3. Haha..
    I as well once texted to wrong person, cause I was talking about tat person whilst typing the text. Then the blur me sent out the message to him! He instantly replied me : "gossiping about me??" mwahaha..

  4. imp+lms:
    Hee...makes me wonder what else I could have already done without realising!

    Ahahahaha, was it a funny experience though? Thankfully mine was - nothing serious.

    I guess so - good thing no serious work implications!

    I hope so! Some people say it gets worse though!

    Haha, I have done that before too! =P