I. Tired

The in-laws (parents and brother) were visiting the last couple of days. It was a lovely reunion considering I haven't been up at all to travelling. Many things were accomplished in terms of preparation for baby and my confinement.

The mums agreed on many things - which I feel blessed about, though a little overwhelmed by the all the opinions and plans they have! They had long conversations and discussions. Mothers!

We have a ton of things to do still, before the arrival of Bubbles. The stuff on my mind now include:
- Getting insurance
- Choosing a name for Bubbles - why is this SOOO difficult?!
- Applying for cord blood banking
- Figuring out and doing what needs to be done for the Baby Bonus
- Hiring a domestic helper (on top of the professional part-time cleaners I have just engaged)
- Washing baby clothes, towels, blankets, bottles, steriliser, breast pump etc
- Buying cot sheets, a changing table, maternity pads (ick) etc
- Preparing the hospital bag
- Getting the air-conditioners serviced
- Buying button-down homewear for easier breastfeeding
- Buying Christmas presents beforehand (I'm afraid I'll have no time then!)

I have a similarly long list for work. I'm constantly reminded that I only have 2 months to complete my many projects.

Many things to do, too little time, and waaaay too little energy.

But I want list 3 thanksgiving items:
1. The overpouring of love and concern from our families. It is almost comical how so many grown-ups are preparing for this little baby.

2. Loving support of Roboman. I was last to leave the office today, and was pleasantly welcomed back home by lovely aromas from the kitchen. Roboman the chef. He's also booked us a resort stay, which I am really looking forward to :) It will be a timeout for reflection and prayer.

3. Mine and Bubbles' relatively good health, and Bubbles' good growth.


iwhip.iwok.icraft said...

Hey babe, jia you! I am sure you will do fine. Here's a website you can order nursing top online and delivered to your doorsteps. Hope this helps! =)


lovexiaolongbao said...

u also need to get disposable undies! cos i think no one will wanna wash ur undies during this time. =P

i have the same things on my mind. only i'm not doing cord banking. but baby bonus is easy i think. the website is quite clear.

cote-p said...

you are super organised.. seriously.. compared to you, i didn't prepare much.. just took things as they came! ;) (as usual)

we decided to pass on cord banking coz expensive, baby insurance we got it after the baby, baby bonus - didn't do anything.. it was automatic after registration of birth cert, maternity pads - i just used the pack given by the hospital, then my normal ones sufficed... haha.. totally bochup man! :D

moo said...

I also got the insurance after birth.

And don't worry about the baby bonus. Just bring Roboman and your ICs and marriage cert to the hospital and everything will be done when you register her birth in the hospital.

And don't get stresed abt the hospital bag either. Anyway Roboman can go home and take whatever you did not bring. =)

So you've decided to hire a domestic help?

mummybean said...

eh, you decided to hire a domestic helper then?

re registration and the comments by everyone about the baby bonus, yes, you can do it at the hospital and it's therefore good if you can finalise bubbles' name by then!

btw, i have some referral materials and discounts for cordlife. if you're interested, let me know!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thanks for the link! I'm wondering if I really need nursing tops or would a nursing cover do? I have been keenly watching breastfeeding mums in action (in public) - looks really difficult to be discreet! I'll probably be fumbling. haha

Oh yes! Another thing to buy. Have to check what is a good brand to get. I've experienced some really yuckily uncomfortable ones before! Had the impression I needed to open a bank account for baby...hmmm... Maybe wrong info.

I don't feel organised though! haha. That's just me I guess. I'm used to planning many things at once. Am glad to hear normal pads suffice! Yay! The maternity ones look scaaary =P

Glad to hear that Baby Bonus not that complex after all. Maybe I'm just imagining it is! Long story about domestic help - perhaps for another post...Mainly for post-maternity leave childcare issues.

Domestic help issue was a BIG one. But yes, we're getting one - still working out the details though. You're on Cordlife? Am thinking of signing up with them too as my friends also are!

Poiema said...

We didn't do cord blood banking. Doctor friends were saying claims not completely proven, and high annual cost! But guess it's up to the individual... :)