I am thoroughly refreshed from our weekend away.

Roboman had our room upgraded, and we spent the weekend just being together and enjoying each other's company.

We ate lots, slept lots, and took time to share with one another our thoughts on our lives, and about life as parents-to-be. We shared about work issues, marriage, blessings, thanksgivings, family, relationships, labour, disciplining of children etc etc. There was precious time of reflection and prayer.

It was a memorable time for the both of us, and we will certainly remember it in years to come.

And if there is the slightest chance that we don't, well, there are photos to remind ourselves ;) We attempted a self-photoshoot of sorts, with the pregnant belly being the centre of focus. Nothing really fancy or professional, but we had loads of fun doing it. In fact, we ended up laughing so much at the mostly funny photos that we unintentionally took (mostly due to unfamiliarity with camera equipment or bad attempts at posing). My belly button also decided to pop out again after about 2 weeks of being an inny! There were some nice photos though, including this one here that I really like. I will treasure them always.

Feeling full of gratitude for the weekend past, and joyful anticipation for what is to come :)


~tif;fany* said...

ahhh thats a nice getaway! =)

imp said...

a most beautiful weekend indeed.

Jacinta said...

Nice picture! I'm excited for you too. :P

Little Miss Snooze said...

Sounds and looks like a good weekend and timeout for the 2 of u to spend quality time together. The best way to prepare for baby :)

Kevin+Grace said...

so nice... enjoy the couplehood while you still can. Btw your tummy looks real neat too :0)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

tiffany + imp:
It was a lovely weekend :)

Thank you! We had fun figuring out the camera etc

Yes we needed the timeout more than we realised! Glad we had the opportunity to do this.

Thanks! Yes, we're very aware how things will really change with the arrival of Bubbles. Neat? hehe - getting really big though, stretch marks making their appearance :(