You'll never CRAWL alone

A colleague presented me with this Liverpool Newborn PJs.

It was a really sweet gesture considering the Liverpool fever last weekend.

I was especially tickled by the slogan written in front!

And I still haven't had the chance to tell her that we're Man-U fans. heheh

Bad Posture

I have been arching backwards as I walk. It seems to be getting worse, like my back trying to compensate for the weight in front. When I do notice it though, I can't seem to really 'unbend' it! Looks like I have to be more diligent in doing back exercises!

Pre-natal Massage

Earlier in my pregnancy, I asked my gynae about her views on pre-natal massages. Sadly for me then, she didn't encourage it. She explained that there are points on the lower back and feet that when stimulated, could induce labour. So unless the masseuse is well-trained, she didn't think it was necessary nor a good idea, suggesting instead that Roboman could give me normal backrubs.

My dear husband however, asked if I wanted to sign up for one of the mother-to-be treatments at Spa Botanica, since it was within the resort we were staying at. I decided to give it a try, with his blessings.

All in all, it was a pleasant experience. I didn't stay to use the facilities (they have a nice plunge pool with a waterfall that I would have loved to try) as I wanted to go back after my treatment to be with the hubs. The service was discreet, and I was treated with utmost gentleness and care, as I was obviously very pregnant and waddling away.

Unfortunately though, I am used to forceful, deep tissue massages. I can take, and enjoy massages where a lot of pressure is used. No masseuse is going to do that for a pregnant woman though, for obvious reasons. So while I could nap while the massage was going on, I didn't get that shiok feeling I usually do with deeper massages.

Also, being pregnant meant that I needed to lie on my side, AND wake up halfway to flip sides. So that was not so nice for me. Like being awakened in the middle of a nice slumber.
Still, it was nice to be pampered, and I look forward to post-natal massages where I will get to lie on my belly, and I think more force can be used!


My favourite shot of our weekend away.


I am thoroughly refreshed from our weekend away.

Roboman had our room upgraded, and we spent the weekend just being together and enjoying each other's company.

We ate lots, slept lots, and took time to share with one another our thoughts on our lives, and about life as parents-to-be. We shared about work issues, marriage, blessings, thanksgivings, family, relationships, labour, disciplining of children etc etc. There was precious time of reflection and prayer.

It was a memorable time for the both of us, and we will certainly remember it in years to come.

And if there is the slightest chance that we don't, well, there are photos to remind ourselves ;) We attempted a self-photoshoot of sorts, with the pregnant belly being the centre of focus. Nothing really fancy or professional, but we had loads of fun doing it. In fact, we ended up laughing so much at the mostly funny photos that we unintentionally took (mostly due to unfamiliarity with camera equipment or bad attempts at posing). My belly button also decided to pop out again after about 2 weeks of being an inny! There were some nice photos though, including this one here that I really like. I will treasure them always.

Feeling full of gratitude for the weekend past, and joyful anticipation for what is to come :)

Laundry love and other clucky things

I've started to unpack baby things and have begun washing them! Started with a whole load of towels, blankets and bibs. Will probably move on to tiny clothes next :)

It feels nice seeing them hung out to dry, and as I lovingly fold and put them away, I'm thinking of and praying for the gift to me, in my womb.
We're still receiving thoughtful gifts. These 2 weeks, most of them are hand-me-downs - which I feel is the way to go with baby things. After all, they grow so fast!

Our baby cot has arrived, and we've placed it at the foot of our bed. That day it was set up, Roboman and I laid on bed looking at it, imagining a little swaddled baby peaking through the cot's railings :)Our living room is also now filled with bulkier baby items like a stroller, a carseat, a highchair, a push-toy, kids' chairs, a food processor (? am still not sure what it really is) etc. We will slowly sort them out and put them all in their rightful places.

We want to be ready for you, Bubbles!

Present from the Aunt

Bubble's first card and pressie from her only Yi Yi :)
(with gentle instructions to treat her mummy well!)


I threw up my dinner last night right into my food bowl. Does that sound gross? I guess it does =P All the good food gone to waste. Today, I had a mini-blackout after lunch. Think it was the heat plus my overall stress and tiredness.

Decided to not risk driving and took a cab home instead. Now a trip has to be made to get the car back, out from the office's carpark. Hmmm...

Anyway, I never say no to curries these days. I have been eating more Malay and Indian cuisines, and opting for Chinese curries too when available. There's just something about the richness, the spices and the fragrances that I am hooked too.

I know someone out there is going to tell me that eating all of that will give my baby bad skin. Sighs. I am tired of feeling like I am already a bad mum. All the 'shoulds' and 'should-nots' is draining and making me feel inadequate and lacking confidence of what is to come.

Thankfully Roboman gave me a long pep talk yesterday, setting me straight, and giving my languishing self-confidence a boost. I thank God for my husband.

I. Tired

The in-laws (parents and brother) were visiting the last couple of days. It was a lovely reunion considering I haven't been up at all to travelling. Many things were accomplished in terms of preparation for baby and my confinement.

The mums agreed on many things - which I feel blessed about, though a little overwhelmed by the all the opinions and plans they have! They had long conversations and discussions. Mothers!

We have a ton of things to do still, before the arrival of Bubbles. The stuff on my mind now include:
- Getting insurance
- Choosing a name for Bubbles - why is this SOOO difficult?!
- Applying for cord blood banking
- Figuring out and doing what needs to be done for the Baby Bonus
- Hiring a domestic helper (on top of the professional part-time cleaners I have just engaged)
- Washing baby clothes, towels, blankets, bottles, steriliser, breast pump etc
- Buying cot sheets, a changing table, maternity pads (ick) etc
- Preparing the hospital bag
- Getting the air-conditioners serviced
- Buying button-down homewear for easier breastfeeding
- Buying Christmas presents beforehand (I'm afraid I'll have no time then!)

I have a similarly long list for work. I'm constantly reminded that I only have 2 months to complete my many projects.

Many things to do, too little time, and waaaay too little energy.

But I want list 3 thanksgiving items:
1. The overpouring of love and concern from our families. It is almost comical how so many grown-ups are preparing for this little baby.

2. Loving support of Roboman. I was last to leave the office today, and was pleasantly welcomed back home by lovely aromas from the kitchen. Roboman the chef. He's also booked us a resort stay, which I am really looking forward to :) It will be a timeout for reflection and prayer.

3. Mine and Bubbles' relatively good health, and Bubbles' good growth.

Ok, laugh at me!

I did another silly fumble!

Upon changing departments, one of my new team-mates asked me for my mobile number. I rattled it off to her without thinking much about it.

This morning, I received a forwarded text from Roboman, with an attached message asking if I knew who the sender was, as he has been receiving a number of messages from her.

I stared at my phone and realised what I did! I gave her Roboman's number instead of my own!


Err well, my excuse is that I have to dial his number pretty often, and never my own!

Red and Black

@ 29 Weeks Pregnant
I have been wearing lots of black...paired with touches of red. The generous friends who have given maternity wear to me have thankfully included a lot of simple, plain pieces, which I have enjoyed jazzing up with what I already have.

Leaving you with 2 photos of me this past weekend :)

29 Weeks

I forgot about my gynae's appointment last week =P It was rescheduled for this morning.

Gynae says: You forgot? Usually 1st time mothers never forget!


I have put on about 5kg so far, or 8kg, if you count the 3kg I lost during the 1st trimester.

Bubbles is growing well.

Today we distinctly saw that her cheeks have grown chubbier :) I like.

I told Gynae about people saying that I look like I am carrying a boy. She laughed and said we should place bets to earn some money. I'm 110% sure it is a girl! She exclaimed, as she did the routine scan.

Girly clothes are here to stay!

They're back

...some 1st trimester symptoms that is. Plus full-on 3rd trimester ones.

The nausea is back. Thankfully not in full vengence like in the 1st 16 weeks of pregnancy. A gentler version, but definitely back.

Tiredness has come back in full though force though, if not more so. I have very little "awake" hours now. It is straight to bed after dinners on weekdays, and sleep between meal times on weekends! This is probably because I can't do a full night's sleep anymore. I am up 3 times a night to pee, and either sleep very fitfully in between, or am unable to fall back asleep at all.

I think I only slept for 3 hours last night. I spent the rest of the time trying very hard to sleep, walking to and from the bathroom, and watching Roboman look so blissful while sleeping. My brain is now in a haze.

Leg cramps on my calves bugged me till I started wearing socks to bed. They really help! Although I'm not really sure why, since the socks don't reach all the way up to my knees.

Oh, and the backaches. They're here to stay. Roboman thinks it is funny that he is asked to 'punch' this wife every night.

I'm very thankful though that I don't yet have any stretchmarks, despite my skin being stretched taut. I say "yet" because I am fully prepared to get them. Roboman thinks it is fine if stretchmarks appear, as they will be natural markings of this whole pregnancy process.

Bubbles now moves with much force these days. I can feel her sliding around, and can see multiple movements popping up on my tummy's surface. I was sitting around having a chat with some colleagues the other day when one suddenly exclaimed while pointing to my tummy: I saw that! And that! Bubbles was probably dancing.

Finally, to end of this long post written with a hazy brain, tons of people are telling me my stomach shape looks like I am carrying a BOY. Every week at least 2-3 new people tell me so, and some even express outright surprise when I tell them the scans show that I'm having GIRL. I still don't look pregnant from the back at all, and my tummy sticks straight out. I don't really believe this tummy shape thing, but it will be hilarious if the next scan (tomorrow) shows we were wrong after all. I'll have to re-stock everything! I'm ok with boys wearing pink, but not ribbons or ruffles or other girly embellishments!

A Workplace Prayer

Lord Jesus, as I enter my work place,
I bring your presence with me
I speak Your peace, Your Grace, and Your
Perfect Order into the atmosphere of this office.
I acknowledge your Lordship over all
that will be spoken, thought and decided,
and accomplished within these walls.

Lord Jesus, I thank you for the gifts
you have deposited in me.
I do not take them lightly, but commit
to using them responsibly and well.
Give me a fresh supply of truth and beauty
on which to draw as I do my job.
Anoint me creativity, my ideas, and my
energy so that even my smallest
task may bring You honour.

Lord, when I am confused, guide me.
When I am weary, energise me.
Lord, when I am burnt out, infuse me
with the Light of Your Spirit.
May the work that I do and the way
that I do it, bring hope, life and courage
to all that I come in contact with today.
And Lord, even in this day's most stressful
moments, may I rest in You.

In Your strong and powerful name, Jesus Christ I pray