Ok I admit it!

I've started to waddle...

Quack quack!


yuling said...

Haha, so cute you! Waddle and keep steady!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Hehe. One of my male colleagues teases me by waddling everytime he sees me =P I realise I waddle more when Bubbles is lying low.

Little Miss Snooze said...

Admittedly I used to think I will never ever waddle...only to realise it's so much more comfy to waddle.

So I waddle with pride, hello! I'm carrying a baby ok! ;)

So waddle on!

Cindy said...

I like what Little Miss Snooze said. Waddle on!!

Altho I think there was a moment, where I had my thighs rubbing against each other. That wasn't so comfy! :S

lovexiaolongbao said...

i also waddle. it's just easier to move when there's some kind of waddling momentum. but i think i'm more like Grimace (the purple thing).

Jacinta said...

Lol! :P

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Me too! I thought I could prevent the waddling. But it definitely makes walking more comfortable, and sometimes I can't even help it - esp when I'm rushing to the loo =P

Yes I will be waddling on! Till the baby comes.

I had to think for a long time what that purple thing you are talking about is. Haha. My lower back has been aching - adds to the waddling.