I'm up again once the clock hits 4am, and I really wonder why? It is very strange because I know I am tired but I just can't sleep.

After tossing and turning for 45mins, I have been spending the last hour trying to prioritise the online selections I have made from Old Navy. I think I should leave the final decision to be made tomorrow though - I'm pretty sure the clicks I have made are just too many anyway. I blame it on the fact that I just can't seem to be sure that I have bought enough or if I have bought the right sizes. Will she have enough clothes to sleep in, to play in, to go out in, to allow for peeing, pooing and the occasional pukes? Hmmm...

Bubbles is awake with me too. I'm watching her bounce around as I am typing this. She is a lot stronger now and makes not just bumps but waves on the surface of my tummy. A good part of boring meetings at work are now spent watching her many movements! My colleagues sometimes join in to watch the 'show' too :)


josiah n faith said...

perhaps the waking up at 4am is Bubbles' way of training you for her arrival? :P

anyway, haven't seen u in quite a bit. u free to meet up for lunch next wed?

patchbunny said...

I think Bubbles is bored by the meetings too! :D

Little Miss Snooze said...

Heehee I like how you put it - prioritise. That's the beauty of online shopping - it can take place over a course of a few days.

Final decision? Lock it in. Click check out. Hehehe

Oh yes, I rem how comforting it was to have nat with me then during long meetings..:)

Anonymous said...

i can't sleep well too! my little bumper is not little anymore. it's getting heavier & heavier and it's disturbing my beauty sleep. argh...

Jacinta said...

Ahhh, 4am...I have sleepness nights too, but I guess, having a baby to accompany you through such nights can be pretty special too. ;)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

josiah n faith:
That's what Roboman said too! Maybe 4am feedings :) I'll call you. Next week I'll be at a new dept. Want to see how things go.

Yes, or maybe she wants to share her view!

Agree about online shopping! But you know, shopping at real stores still hit the spot because of instant gratification! haha =P

Just a while more to go! Hang in there :)

Oh dear, hope this is just a phase for you?