Loving and Learning Hospitality

I had a blast with my cousin staying with us over the past weekend. We haven't seen each other in 3-4 years, and she's still as vivacious and beautiful as ever. Some say she looks like a cross between Tata Young and Eunice Olsen :)

I'm like the boring old fart compared to her and her social life. Haha! Anyway, it was lovely catching up in the comforts of my home and over meals. There is just something about getting to know a person better when he/she is a guest in your home. There is more time for casual chatter, conduciveness for deep sharing, and just an unspoken intimacy in providing hospitality.

We did a quick count last night as to the number of people who have stayed with us since March 2007 when we were first married. The number now tallies at 20 unique individuals. These 20 have stayed with us anytime from 1 night to 7 months.

To us, our guests have brought us a lot of joy and taught us a bit at a time what hospitality really means. Our 2+ years of marriage has been made more interesting with our guests :) We've also learnt how different each of us are made. Some people are naturally neat and tidy, and do things in a certain order. They try not to make too much noise - closing doors silently, and tiptoeing in when they return home late. Others are gregarious. They want to be involved in your lives, buy things to stock your fridge for you, and are usually also messier - leaving personal belongings wherever they last left them. You smile when you notice because you know that means they feel at home!

Some come with huge luggages, bringing along everything under the sun although toiletries are provided - others with tiny bags that make you wonder how they manage. Some thrive on air-conditioning while others prefer to sweat it out in the guest room. Then there are those quiet sweet ones who leave surprise Thank You notes on your fridge or presents for you to find when they leave.

We have enjoyed all of our guests visits, and now have a good supply of towels, toiletries, sheets and blankets to allow for surprise visits. I feel I have gotten to know a little better all those with whom we have shared the same roof with - even if for a while.

I wonder how things will change now that our guest room is going to be converted to a nursery.


imp said...

you've been absolutely generous-hearted that way. it's time for you to look inwards and take care of yourself, your man and your little one. :)

lilsnooze said...

It really takes a lot to welcome guests into your home, and to make them feel at home.

The nursery has so much character & love in it...and will be filled with more gurgles, love and joy to come!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

imp: I'm still learning! I have still so much more room to grow - my hospitality pales in comparison to some of which I have experienced in others' homes! But yeah now have to consider for the little one too - but I hope she will grow up to be a generous and hospitable woman :)

lilsnooze: It is easier each time, and more enjoyable. I'm excited about doing up a nursery but at the same time pulling myself down to earth and remembering that I should not go overboard =P Money has to be wisely spent! heh Hopefully some creative juices will help.

Anonymous said...

u're very generous, babe.my parents are the same way too.
to tone down the 'only-child syndrome'over the past 10 years we had 3 kids grow up in our household. It's made me a much better person.I got 'younger siblings' to look out for!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

nuttyjas: You're parents are really loving :) Looks like you enjoyed the younger sibs too!

mummybean said...

you'll be getting a new permanent house guest! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

beanbean: Ah yes - one whom we're welcoming with super open arms :)