A Chapter Closed

Friday, 29 May 2009 marked a closing of a chapter in my life. It was my last day at work in the department after 7.5 years.

7.5 years is by no means a short span of time. It was in this department where I found my 1st job, fell in love with the work, and discovered that my gifts and inclinations suited the industry. I found personal growth, travelled lots, was given many wonderful opportunities, and interacted with all sorts of interesting personalities. The bosses believed in me, and I was trusted and given space to develop my skills while I took on managerial responsibilities early on.

I will always look back at the past years with much fondness. What I didn't expect was the flood of emotions that came about that day. My team of staff took me out for a lovely buffet lunch at the Sheraton Hotel. We had a wonderful time enjoying the food and sharing about ourselves. Later, they helped me to move my many things to the new department I am moving to, on another floor.

When it was time for the last "move" downstairs, it suddenly became very emotional. My staff suddenly broke down. Not just the ladies, but also the guy. When I saw the tears, I couldn't help but break down myself. Soon, the tissues were brought out and we told ourselves to stop crying. We said to each other to forgive the times we might have step on each others' toes, and I told them that I am always a phonecall/email/visit away.

I really thank God for the team I worked with, and feel humbled and very touched knowing that they genuinely enjoyed working with me too.

The day before, I was also pleasantly surprised to find this pretty bouquet of flowers at my new cubicle. It was from my new team, together with a warm handwritten note to welcome me. We are a team that is split up and seconded to different business units playing specialist roles, therefore most of us don't sit together and I am the only one seconded to this business unit. The feeling of warmth filled me knowing that I was thought of, welcomed and supported.

I look forward to the new challenges ahead in my career!


yuling said...

You must be such a sweet manager!
All the best in your new posting! :)

Little Miss Snooze said...

All the best for your new posting!

Anonymous said...

how lovely! =) sf

imp said...

your team's so sweet!

Jacinta said...

Aww, that's nice to read. Leaving a team that's that lovely will always be tough.

But all the best for the new challenges ahead! I'm sure it'll go brilliantly. :D

Candice said...

i'm very envious of your working environment..

all the very best in your new posting!

Anonymous said...

You must have been a great team worker/superior to receive such reactions. All the best dear. May the new chapter continues to bring much opportunities and growth.

~tif;fany* said...

new scope new chapter new responbilities! plough on babe! but dont overwork k! =)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I did try very hard, and I know I had my fair share of downs and 'bad management' as well. But thankfully things turned out well :)

Thank you :)

I was very touched indeed!

Indeed! very

Thanks for the best wishes. Another stage in life for you too!

Thank you! I wish you all the best in this area too!

Thank you - yes I do hope to continue to grow. It is back to the start of a new learning curve for me!

Thanks, yup I'll try not to get too stressed! But I think a bit of challenge is good. heh...for me anyway!

mummybean said...

That's so nice, both of your old and new teams! all the best in your new posting!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thank you! :)