Rainbow System

This is the amount of dirt collected from the air in our bedroom in just 10 minutes. Eek.

We had a Rainbow System rep come to our place as a recommendation from friends, to demonstrate how the cleaning system works.

I particularly like the function where the machine can suck out dirt through 4-5 inches of a mattress! How cool is that. Imagine all the dead skin, dust and mites being swallowed up. The rep tried it on ours, which resulted in the water turning a gross grey-black.

I'm pretty convinced but admit that I might be too lazy to actually use the system myself, unless of course I get a cleaner in to do it for me.

Roboman however, feels that a little dirt never hurt anyone, and doesn't see the point of this at all!


celcilia_tjioe said...

Great to see you are back to the blogsphere now. Sounds u are in helluva conditions now :)

eveeleva said...

eh. so are you getting the rainbow system. i had the same demo done at my place. but i couldn't decide. i like the functions but it looks really bulky. i'm still mulling over it really. what do you think?

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

celcilia: Yes am more 'normal' now, thankfully :)

bagelgal: I think it is a powerful system with good ideas and functions. But I agree that it is rather bulky and if you buy it you should use it, otherwise it will just be a big bulky white elephant! If you have help I guess you could schedule Rainbow into the cleaning routine? I'm still thinking about it as we're considering hired help. If a cleaner does a good enough job that we might not need this.

mummybean said...

i was really impressed by the system but my husband baulked at the price (as usual!)