A long weekend ahead!

I'm so looking forward to this long Labour Day weekend. I've been covering some facilitation sessions for a dear colleague who is down with a high fever, and am totally tired out. It is amazing the kind of intense tiredness pregnancy brings. I can't 'dong' and push myself the way I am used to anymore. Physically especially.

My Thai cousin is in town for work (yes I have Thai rellies!). I am looking forward to seeing her again and indulging in some feasting. Maybe a shopping trip or two. A Full Moon party of a dear friend's baby has also been lined up this weekend, and unfortunately also some work I need to do - mainly because it is the type of work that requires peace and quiet to assemble thoughts and ideas. I also hope to squeeze in a couple of swimming sessions - I've missed that this week coz I get rag-doll pooped at the end of each day.

An update on baby - he/she is one active bundle! Poppity pop in my womb everyday :) I'll miss this once he/she is out.

Have a nice long weekend folks!


Jacinta said...

Have a lovely, restful one!! :)

celcilia_tjioe said...

Relish the holiday!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

jacinta + celcilia: Thanks ladies - you enjoy too :)