A long weekend ahead!

I'm so looking forward to this long Labour Day weekend. I've been covering some facilitation sessions for a dear colleague who is down with a high fever, and am totally tired out. It is amazing the kind of intense tiredness pregnancy brings. I can't 'dong' and push myself the way I am used to anymore. Physically especially.

My Thai cousin is in town for work (yes I have Thai rellies!). I am looking forward to seeing her again and indulging in some feasting. Maybe a shopping trip or two. A Full Moon party of a dear friend's baby has also been lined up this weekend, and unfortunately also some work I need to do - mainly because it is the type of work that requires peace and quiet to assemble thoughts and ideas. I also hope to squeeze in a couple of swimming sessions - I've missed that this week coz I get rag-doll pooped at the end of each day.

An update on baby - he/she is one active bundle! Poppity pop in my womb everyday :) I'll miss this once he/she is out.

Have a nice long weekend folks!

My poor dress

One of my favourite dresses.

Perfect for skimming my growing tummy.

But it is now ruined thanks to our silly iron.


Bunny for Baby

Our little one has already been blessed with many loving gifts.

Here's one which flew in all the way from Hongkong from a dear, thoughtful couple who themselves have a new 2+ weeks old baby girl! Thanks K and A :)

A blue monday

I'm getting really annoyed by accusatory comments from people that my tummy is "too small" for my almost 5-month pregnant self.

Coupled with Monday blues, I am just bristling with irritation.


I'm in agony right now.

I want ICE-CREAM!!! In particular red bean flavoured ones on a stick.


I blame Roboman. He's the one who loves ice-cream! I don't even think much of it usually.

Girly Fun

So, is it a boy or a girl?

A question that gets asked very often these days. It is the same question I asked my gynae during my last ultrasound scan.

To give her credit, she tried for quite sometime to scan from different angles. But our dear little one was so active and moving around a lot that it was really difficult to see! It was funny (although perhaps rude?!) that we were trying to scan from the butt.

Doc thinks baby is a girl, but we can't be 100% sure yet since you know, things can be hidden.

Still, it didn't stop me from eyeing these lovelies from Forget-me-not Kids!

Roboman says NO buying baby girl things till we know for sure next month though...hmph...

Korean Fare

I recently discovered a little 2-week old Korean eatery tucked away at Ridgewood Close. I don't even know the name of the shop as it was written in Korean!
We popped in intending to have a simple lunch, and were blown away by the surprisingly tasty home-cooked flavours. Certainly no Nong Shim instant noodles served here (although I like that too. haha) As we tucked into our noodles, bowls and bowls of little side dishes were brought out for us. Different variations of kimchi, fish cakes and seaweed. All very nice indeed.
We also had a refreshing chilled flask of Korean green tea presented to us, and slices of deliciously juicy and sweet yellow watermelons. Check out how thin the skin was!

Afternoon Tea

My healthy choice

18 Weeks Pregnant - My new body

So the bun has been in the oven for 18 weeks already!

The morning sickness is down to a minimum, and I am starting to enjoy and be intrigued by the changes in my body.

Feeling Baby's movements has so far been the greatest thrill of course, and the movements are getting more frequent and obvious now. Just yesterday, while lying on my back, one part of my abdomen suddenly stretched upwards, creating a small little distinct bump! Needless to say, Roboman and I were highly amused, and did little pats in bid to communicate with the little one. After a while, the stretching felt a wee bit uncomfortable, so I turned to one side for a while, then flipped back again. Baby must have gotten the cue as the abdomen flattened out after that. heh

Another change that really amused me to no end is that my belly button has suddenly gotten shallower. I squealed when I first noticed, and look forward to more efficient cleaning of it as it continues to emerge. mwahahaha.

And oh, the boobs. Hmm. Let's just say even my mum is amused by the growth. While I'm not naturally very boobsy to begin with, I have since had to buy new bras, and remove whatever little paddings I've had in my current ones. Nice black laced nursing bras have been purchased too, just so that they can last me well into post-pregnancy. I just can't imagine myself wearing any of those flimsy looking beige coloured nursing bras that abound in maternity shops, but I really don't know if they are practically more useful. Hmm. Anyway, I am no longer able to fit into any of my bikini tops too, not decently anyway, and can only manage this swimsuit in the photo. It is roll down shorts, roll up top too, in order to accomodate the baby bump. I think this 'swimming outfit' will do for the rest of this pregnancy!

Secrets of the Baby Whisperer

A friend presented me with this book, and I am ever so grateful.

If there is ever a book that can help educate me about preparing for, and taking care of a newborn, this book would be it. I feel so encouraged and assured just learning all the nuggets of information shared here by the experienced author.

Unlike pregnancy books that covers the pregnancy itself, this book details how to understand our babies, gives practical step-by-step instructions to prepare for the baby, and what to expect when a newborn is brought home. The author shares methods for helping babies sleep, eat and play well, how to weave in time for self, and suggests roles fathers can play.

I have found the tips really insightful, given the author's years of working with babies, and I'm thinking of buying several copies now for pregnant friends!

She has also written two other follow-up books that I have heard good things about, in case anyone is interested:
The Secrets of the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers, and The Baby Whisperer Solves all Your Problems

Centre of attention

I've just emerged from an exhausting but really enjoyable long weekend.

I now know I already LOOK pregnant. I somehow didn't quite realise that until I was asked before boarding the plane if I had filled in an indemnity form. I was like huh? and the airline's ground staff was like you are pregnant, right? Oh. Surprise! I thought only people who knew I was pregnant would notice my little tummy. Looks like you're making yourself seen, Baby!

Throughout the weekend, Baby received loads of attention from the many rellies who have only just seen me in my pregnant glory. Every aunt and uncle came up to congratulate me, to pray for the baby, and to ask how I was doing. There was such an outpouring of love and excitement for this new life within me. I was quite overwhelmed. The FIL even took it upon himself to he ferry me home quickly after each wedding proceeding, to ensure that I got adequate rest.

We brought the scans to show the family, and everyone had a go at seeing how Baby has grown since he/she was first scanned as a 0.23cm bub.

And oh, I think I felt Baby move on Saturday night! I was lying in bed with hands on my tummy, and I felt a gurgly movement in my abdomen. I was thrilled and said aloud Baby, is that you? And once again I felt a similar move! I laid there with a smile on my face and a warmth of gratefulness in my heart. Then I thanked God that Baby is doing well, and that he/she is coming into a family who is already loves him/her so much.

Baby & bibs

Babies wear bibs. I guess the husband got influenced.

Another one ties the knot

A beautiful morning. A bunch of funny guys and bossy girls. A lovely couple with eyes brimming with affection for each other.

A tea ceremony. Introductions to every family member. Photos by the pool. Off under a red umbrella, past the house's gates.

A wedding banquet.

Flight to the US for celebrations Part II.

A honeymoon in Peru.

Enjoy yourselves dears, and see you in HK sometime!

The Week and Weekend ahead

This has been an emotional week.

Mum falling and injuring her knee, a cousin admitted for yet another brain surgery, an elderly uncle in hospital for complications due to a tumour, and the passing of a good friend's grandfather.

There are also happy moments to celebrate though. A friend's wedding tomorrow, a short trip up to KL to celebrate the wedding of a cousin, and two 1st birthday parties of dear friends' kids that I unfortunately have to miss.

Then on Sunday we'll have 5 relatives from New Zealand landing in Singapore to attend another wedding. I look forward to catching up with them, and have been steadily cleaning up the guest rooms in preparation for them.

Do you hear the busy buzz in my life?

This being the weekend of Good Friday and Easter, I'm taking time out amidst the busyness to remember and be thankful for the Gift that we have been given.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."~John 3:16

Rainbow System

This is the amount of dirt collected from the air in our bedroom in just 10 minutes. Eek.

We had a Rainbow System rep come to our place as a recommendation from friends, to demonstrate how the cleaning system works.

I particularly like the function where the machine can suck out dirt through 4-5 inches of a mattress! How cool is that. Imagine all the dead skin, dust and mites being swallowed up. The rep tried it on ours, which resulted in the water turning a gross grey-black.

I'm pretty convinced but admit that I might be too lazy to actually use the system myself, unless of course I get a cleaner in to do it for me.

Roboman however, feels that a little dirt never hurt anyone, and doesn't see the point of this at all!

Me likey Uniqlo

I'm so excited that Uniqlo is coming to our shores! I have been looking forward to this since I heard the news last year.

The first store is opening in 2 days at Tampines, and later on at Ion Orchard.

I love their cami sets and bought tons when I was in Shanghai and Hongkong. Yipee yay yay!

2 strands

The friend and I took turns to nod off at a too slow-mo briefing in a too stuffy room.

I managed to ask a few questions in between checking out my super dry leg skin =P

When we were both awake, she suddenly informed me that she noticed 2 strands of grey hair on my head.

"Pluck them out!" I mouthed earnestly. She obliged and gently pulled out 2 whole grey hairs, one wriggly with extreme dryness.

It was a good thing we were seated right at the back of the room so I don't think anyone saw.

And, we also decided to leave half-way through. Heh heh

For the sleeping baby

We ordered this Rocio by Bon Bebe 4-in-1 cot for the little one.

It converts into a playpen, a sofa bed, and even a junior starter bed.

I would like to dress it up with comfortable and pretty beddings. Would welcome recommendations of where I can get those! Saw some gorgeous designer ones at Mother's World, but I am SURE I can get as good-looking ones at value-for-money prices.

Charity Fair (delayed) Update

I had a blast at the charity fair.

It was awesome to experience selling my handiwork at a proper stall. I enjoyed interacting with potential buyers, watching people hold earrings by their ears while looking in the mirror, making my recommendations, and having people give me money in exchange for the earrings.

It was a very simple stall because I don't actually own any earring display stuff. The earring holder on the left was on loan from a colleague, and the one of the right is my Ikea necklace holder which I tied ribbons across to allow for hanging space.

I sold S$600 worth in about 2 hours! It was a huge amount to be donated - the organiser was really surprised by the figure, and I was quite amazed myself, and very grateful.

I'm thankful for this experience, and look forward to more!

Birthday Flowers

My church has a bunch of ladies that do beautiful floral arrangements. Each week, there is a new bouquet placed near the pulpit, and members can choose block slots to pay for the flowers at cost price, and bring home the flowers after service.

As my birthday fell on a Sunday this year, I decided to make a donation for the flowers that week. I went home with a very pleasant arrangement of pinks, whites and purples. The photo here does not do the flowers justice. Unfortunately I forgot to take another after that.

Still, few things can brighted a home like fresh flowers can :)


A really sweet new mother passed me this book. The little card that came along with it really put a smile to my face :)

After blogging for so many years, it has only been recently that I've opened up my life a little more, included an email address on my side bar, and made several new friends. I'm really appreciating how things have developed, and hope to reciprocate the acts of kindness, and perhaps share goodwill and my own experiences to other readers in time to come.

I'm excited to try out the recipes in this book. Mum has offered to try to make some of the stuff in there, since I'm still in low energy mode.

Thanks dear for sharing this treasure with me!