Snappity Snap

So my physical discomfort is slowly fading away. I actually managed to eat fried fish yesterday and not have have an icky feeling about fishiness! It may sound funny, but that was really a milestone for me =P

However, something new seems to be creeping up on me. I was asked over the weekend if my moods have changed, and my answer to that was 'no', not that I have noticed. Nothing that wasn't related to physical discomfort.

Unfortunately, I was told today that I seem to have become more snappish.

The feedback honestly quite surprised me, because I was still telling this said person (before she finally shared what she really thought), that I didn't think my moods have been affected much. She said I have been more ready to speak my mind and sometimes say things in a irritable manner that I never used to do.

Upon some reflection, I am still unsure if this bout of 'snappishness' has to do with pregnancy, or the fact that work has recently been rather stressful, and I have honestly been quite annoyed with the inefficiencies I have been noticing.

When a little girl, my mum always told me that I had to learn to be more assertive and less of a doormat. Perhaps I have finally learnt that lesson, and pregnancy hormones have helped propel me forward.

I'm not sure if it is a good thing though - but I'm glad for this feedback, whether or not it reflects reality, so that I can watch myself and not become a pregnantzilla.


poiema said...

sweetheart, you're entitled to. Have mood swings, be snappy, demand a seat wherever there are seats. fringe benefit of all the discomfort and hormonal swings we have no choice but to experience. :)

Beware, hell hath no fury like a preggy on a bad day. I think people gave me a wide berth when I so much as sighed exasperatedly when pregnant at work. And there was much to sigh about.

imp said...

babe, i'm the number 1 whiner and miss bitchy. there is no way you're as bad as i am. and frankly, no. i haven't notice you being snappish.

lovexiaolongbao said...

i became more intolerant. i fully admit! but i've a friend who turned a total bitch n i really dislkie her even more now.

Jacinta said...

Whatever it is, I'm sure they'll understand to a certain extent. :) Embrace the whole pregnancy process! I love reading about it, heh.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

poiema: Ohhhhhh I don't know if I should think that way! I might then slide down the slippery path and be a total nightmare. But it DOES seem like there are a lot more sigh about these days. I feel I have enough fodder for another Jack Neo movie.

imp: Maybe because you only hear me gripe! I don't find you whiney leh.

lovexiaolongbao: Maybe that is it! I am less tolerant perhaps and more easily speak my mind =P

jacinta: Oh I'm glad someone enjoys reading about it! :) I realise my blog has morphed very much into a pregnancy one. But it can't be helped coz that's just my life right now!

Little Miss Snooze said...

You might have some character change after baby is out too. My ex boss commented that I'm more "mature & calm in my thinking". Haha!

And just this week, my current colleague commented Im "motherly and fair" in solving "issues at work".