Snappity Snap

So my physical discomfort is slowly fading away. I actually managed to eat fried fish yesterday and not have have an icky feeling about fishiness! It may sound funny, but that was really a milestone for me =P

However, something new seems to be creeping up on me. I was asked over the weekend if my moods have changed, and my answer to that was 'no', not that I have noticed. Nothing that wasn't related to physical discomfort.

Unfortunately, I was told today that I seem to have become more snappish.

The feedback honestly quite surprised me, because I was still telling this said person (before she finally shared what she really thought), that I didn't think my moods have been affected much. She said I have been more ready to speak my mind and sometimes say things in a irritable manner that I never used to do.

Upon some reflection, I am still unsure if this bout of 'snappishness' has to do with pregnancy, or the fact that work has recently been rather stressful, and I have honestly been quite annoyed with the inefficiencies I have been noticing.

When a little girl, my mum always told me that I had to learn to be more assertive and less of a doormat. Perhaps I have finally learnt that lesson, and pregnancy hormones have helped propel me forward.

I'm not sure if it is a good thing though - but I'm glad for this feedback, whether or not it reflects reality, so that I can watch myself and not become a pregnantzilla.

The Celebration

The view we enjoyed at the dinner :) Overlooking the Flyer and the hotel where we held our wedding dinner 2 years ago.

The dear man made reservations sometime back, and was only too excited to take me for a nice dinner.

God was really good. My appetite is slowly returning, and the weekend was the first in a long time that I felt almost normal. So it was great timing to take me out.

I wore an old but trusty black halter dress, as I had nothing else nice enough that fit. The stretchy lycra showed my little tummy.

Dinner at Jaan was really memorable for the creativity in each of their dishes, and the very pleasant service. I commented that baby was in for a treat, with Roboman responding that he/she better not get used to it! I said probably not, for mummy really is a char kway teow girl at heart.

We ate from 7.30pm to 11pm! I was almost falling asleep through the last 3 dishes of our degustation menu. I kept awake mainly from the pleasure of the luxurious dinner, and the loving company I had in my husband.

This time next year, we know that twosome, romantic times like this will be hard to come by. So this will be one memory for keeps. Thanks sweetheart!

Squeezing the creative juices

I've been busy! The charity fair is coming up this Monday! For the past 3 weeks I have not really been able to make anything. Was just not up to it with all the pregnancy symptoms.

Then suddenly in the last 1-2 days, I realised I didn't have much time, and have been pushing myself hard to produce as many pairs of earrings as possible. I have a few constraints. I need to make quite a number of earrings that can be inexpensively priced, easy to wear and quick to make. I also couldn't make too many repeats as the people coming would all sort of know each other through the course of work, and who likes to wear what everyone else is wearing? So it had to be different designs.

Anyway, here're a few of what I have made. Sorry not all the photos are well focused, I was rushing through the phototaking! I'll be busy making more - as many as I can tahan. And maybe, only maybe, if I can manage it, some corsages too :)

My dear Roboman is already nagging me to stop and rest =P But I can't! Being busy is making me feel more normal again!

2nd Anniversary

It was our 2nd wedding anniversary yesterday. A handwritten card with a touching message. Sharing our thoughts about each other. Appreciation. Remembering the past 2 years, and the years before that. Thanking God for each other.

My sister sent us a cute message about enjoying our last anniversary before there're 3 of us :)

We wanted to go for the Brian McKnight concert, but with me not feeling too well, we decided not to get tickets just in case. Dinner was spent with a visiting friend, and Roboman tells me something is in store for this Sunday (my birthday) :)

God was very gracious too. Yesterday marked a day where I did not puke at all. It was quite amazing. Sure, I did the day before, and I did again today, but it was good while it lasted!

To many more happy years, my dear Roboman. I love you!

Night time toilet hugging

I don't want this blog to become a ranting board.

But last night was really terrible :( I was awake all night from nausea. Nothing seemed to calm it. Biscuits, sips of drinks etc. I had to prop my head up on 2-3 pillows to make myself feel better.

Then suddenly, at like 4+ in the morning, the puke just came. I had to stumble into the bathroom to let it all out.

I emerged exhausted and dizzy, collapsing into bed in tears.

Roboman turned to me to hold me, and told me not to go to work. I allowed myself to be comforted by his caresses.

Oh, when will this end?


... that's the amount of weight I have officially lost the last 3-4 weeks.

The nurse at my gynae's clinic was very concerned about it! She felt I should have taken the medication my gynae prescribed, but I told her I would not have been able to work at all if I had because it totally knocks me out.

Thankfully, my dear baby is growing well despite mummy's suffering :) Praise God! We saw baby's form today - head, body, legs, arms, hands and feet. Baby did a couple of little shakes to show us, one right after I said "Are you sleeping?" How cute!

He/she now measures about 5cm from head to butt.

May you continue to grow well and strong, baby!

Welcomed meet-ups

A dear friend dropped in yesterday with her little son. She presented me with one of my favourite flowers - these were part of my wedding bouquet :) Their petal colours range from deep purples to pink to almost white, and I remember picking out the exact pinks I wanted for my bouquet 2 years ago.

They now sit prettily in a vase, and I was so inspired by how it made the place look nice that I started to clean up the rest of the house! I have been a real slob these past few weeks and my renewed energy now has resulted in a less messy living space.

Talking about pleasant meet-ups, I had lunch today with beanbean! It was a totally random, impulsive decision. I felt well, saw her online, and decided to do lunch. Funnily though, my body decided to do a good long puke before I left for lunch. Probably a good thing too, because I actually managed to eat pretty well, and enjoyed the company and the conversation :)

I think I should talk about other things besides pregnancy, babies, and all issues surrounding these 2 topics. But it seems so hard now! So many decisions-in-the-making are swimming around in my mind!

The Glow

3 people have recently told me that I have a 'pregnancy glow'! =)

I stared at myself in the mirror last night. My skin did seem to have this dewy texture to it. I rubbed my face and it wasn't oily - so perhaps it is really a 'glow' I am achieving! My hair too has grown really quickly and looks lusher and thicker than before.

I do feel like I am gradually getting better. While I am still throwing up (now just once or twice a day), my appetite is still weak, and still have to hit the sack at 10pm, I feel more energy surging through me daily, and my mind seems a lot sharper and less woozy. I will reach the end of my 12th week this weekend, and I look forward to entering the 2nd trimester.

I have been praying for the new life inside of me, and for myself as a mother. Someone gave me the book Praying for Your Unborn Child, which I have found really insightful and helpful in directing my prayers, taking into consideration some of my own life experiences, and praying for my child in a meaningful way.

March Hares

Isn't this a gorgeous cake? Our dear friend baked this butterless mango cake that tasted absolutely fabulous. It is a light cake - even the frosting is light, and it has slivers of sweet mango nestled in it. I can only imagine the amount of work that went into this, just look at the fruits arranged on top of the cake!

A bunch of us from our Bible Study group were at Greenhouse at the Ritz for a Seafood buffet. (Totally wasted on me of course, but it is the company that counts!) It was just a casual get together and a celebration of all the March babies in our group. Was a lovely evening, and I heard enough rave comments about the oysters that I'll have to go back after my baby is born!