Where I have been

So folks, I can finally be back on this blog! =)

This, is the reason for my disappearance:

(taken on 16 Jan 09)

Yup, I'm pregnant - and now 9 weeks so. So the folks who suggested that I was pregnant then, during the random giddy spells, were all right! Just that I didn't know it myself.

After a few happy days of discovering this pregnancy, I fell into 2-3 weeks of utter disarray - exhibiting textbook pregnancy symptoms. I got bouts of intense tiredness and giddy spells. My tastebuds changed, and I could not keep my food down, running to throw up a few times a day. I have never vomited so much or so violently like I did those few weeks. The doctors gave me a couple of days of much needed medical leave just to rest, and rest I did, for I could not really function normally at all. When I did have to go out, I always had in my bag 2 plastic bags for the inevitable puking that would occur.

Now however, I am thankful to seem to have survived the worst of the Morning (I'd say "All Day") sickness. I feel my energy coming back, and I am keeping my food down a lot more. I suspect it has partly to do with the huge dosage (50mg/day) of VitB6 that my gynae prescribed me.

I have so much to share about my thoughts, emotions and experiences, and I will be glad to do so from now on :)

In the meantime, I received this Kate Spade diaper bag! A dear friend bought it for me in anticipation of my getting pregnant =) Isn't that so sweet? I love the polka dots on the inside, and it matches my other Kate Spade bag!


Anonymous said...

am very glad to see you getting your appetite back too. :) now to make good of my promise of being a babysitter. HEH.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

imp: It certainly feels good to be able to taste most of my food now - although some boiled meats still make me queasy. Yay to babysitter! :)

Anonymous said...

yipee yipee yayy yayy!! Congratulations my dearest friend!! :D welcome to the club!! heeeeee!!!

Anonymous said...

Babe, CONGRATS!!!! Can I be irritating and say... I KNEW IT! Otherwise, you wouldn't be getting all the weird symptoms!

Please take very good care of yourself. Eat well, drink well, rest well! Let me know if you need anything ok. No shy! :p

Sparkle Thots by Ruth said...

Congrats! i *thought* the disappearance was due to a lil bub but didn't want to probe.

happy for you!

Cindy said...

Congrats and congrats!!! :D:D Looking forward to hearing more from you about how you are doing in your pregnancy!! :)

Little Miss Snooze said...

Wooooooh! Congratulations!!

I suspected so! Hehehe.

Let me know if you need anything! I'll send you the babylist soon!

mummybean said...

yay, congratulations! thought it might be the case when you "disappeared" and esp when you mentioned being tired and wiped out but didn't want to ask (i totally hated the pregnant questions when i wasn't actually pregnant). so happy for you!

The Rust said...

woah it's so exciting! congrats!

celcilia_tjioe said...

Oh, babe!
I was the first one to comment on yor *whining post* last time. And I was so moron to suspect tat u had cholesterol issue. Hahaha..!!
Hugzz...mommy to be!! =)
Btw, I was tagging you on my earlier post. Do the challenge if u have the chance,ok?

Anonymous said...

congrats! Which gynae are u seeing? Its gonna be an exciting journey, and truly time to take things at work slow(er). :) small frequent meals should help w the queasiness...

Candice said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Very happy for you.. *hugs*

i had the same guess but i realised that people will share when they're ready to! :)

~tif;fany* said...

OMG CONGRATULATIONS SHARON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):)

Anonymous said...

wonderful news..same o'l saying ..pls eat and rest welll!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! So happy for you.. it's really a good news to start the new year. :) Take care!

Jacinta said...

Oh my, I'm so excited for you! It'll be such a blessed experience. :)

Will keep you and baby in prayer!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

cote-p: Thank you my dear friend. You have been a tremendous support!

yuling: Hahahaha you KNEW???? Actually one week before I tested positive, I tested too - and got a negative result. So I truly thought I was just unhealthy.

ruth: Thank you! I'll be following your footsteps the next couple of months! heh

cindy: Thank you - it is a blessing :) I've lots to learn from you too!

lms: YOU suspected too? Wahahahaha!! What is a baby list? Yes I would be asking for lotsa advice from all you girls soon. First stop - where to get nice maternity wear?! I've bought a couple of things from Old Navy and ASOS. Waiting for them to arrive to see if they fit!

beanbean: Thank you for understanding. I hated those questions too when I was not actually pregnant! But yes I have been so tired on a daily basis. Like a ragdoll some afternoons.

the Rust: Thank you! It is exciting indeed. I feel more excited on the days I physically feel better. Haha

celcilia: Hahaha - it is ok. Oops I didn't see that post - will have a look at it soon.

poiema: It is almost like I can't help taking things slower anyway. I still feel like I'm a little ill everyday. haha. I go to Gleneagles. Will drop you a mail soon.

candice: Thank you! Haha I can't believe so many people guessed! Yes I didn't know when to share it, and when I did want to - I just couldn't formulate the words. But news have spread so much that I thought oh well. Haha.

tiffany: THANK YOU!!!! The baby is a gift I gratefully receive.

nuttyjas: Thanks dear. I try to eat well but right now I can only eat things that I don't make me feel like puking. (Which tends to be the unhealthy stuff. eeps!)

KLH: Thanks for sharing my joy! It is a great way to start the year really!

jacinta: Thank you, I do feel very blessed - value your prayers! :)

eveeleva said...

oh congratulations! *MUACKS* I'm SOOOOO ridiculously excited for yoU!

Anonymous said...

Congrats and welcome to the Mummies Club! =)

Anonymous said...


Like other mommies are saying, welcome to mommies' club! :D

Jamie said...

Hey, I'm happy to hear your good news! Don't worry, the 2nd trimester will be alot better and you will then enjoy your pregnancy. Do let me know if you need any pregnancy "advice". :)
And i love your diaper bag!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

bagelgal: Haha, thanks for your excitement! I was more excited before all the morning sickness set in. Looking forward to 2nd trimester!

Yen Chiew: Thanks! I'll have lots to learn from all the mummies!

cherie: Hi there and thanks too :)

Jamie: I sure hope 2nd tri will be better! Thanks for the assurances though :) And yup, I REALLY like the bag - am so pleased with it!