Into the fray

After a horrible sickly day of constant throwing up yesterday [of which I am thankful for all your comforting comments, emails, text messages :)], today has been much better.

I braved one bout of puking, and a morning of nausea to head to the Mother & Baby Fair at the Singapore Expo.

When I first heard about this fair, I was hesitant to go, because the Natas Fair, reknown for the huge crowds it attracts, is also on now at the same place. But when a friend who is almost full-term into her pregnancy expressed interest in going, I decided it would be fun for us all to go together.

We arrived at 11am - the official opening time. The carpark was already almost full, and we had to join a queue to enter the fair! Still, I believe the bulk of the crowd had not yet arrived, and we were comfortable enough to do a walk around.

I didn't buy anything although I brought along a very helpful shopping list that lilsnooze sent me (thanks dear!). I asked Roboman to help record prices of things that we saw, and was just generally intrigued by the many baby and mummy things that I have never ever paid any attention too before. It helped to see what some of the contraptions actually looked like!

My friend bought a couple of packs of Huggies newborn diapers and received 2 free Mothercare onesies. She also got a MacLaren stroller at a really good discounted price.

Me? I walked away with a free goodie bag, a record of prices, and 1 little cup of Milo from the Nestle counter :)

(Why does Milo always taste better from these portable dispensers? Remember school sports days when we got iced cold Milo from the Milo van? Yum!)


Anonymous said...

you brave woman. u actually went there?? the only fair i'd ever brave in a convention setting is a booksale. :) that as actually rather empty, surprisingly.

hemma said...

oohh we thought you didn't go!

I saw some footage of the fair on TV though, but didn't see you ;)

good job with the price recording.. so organised!

Sparkle Thots by Ruth said...

i was too lazy! i went once but didn't manage to score anything. have been too lazy to return since then.

hope you managed to get the prices of all the items you wanted!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

imp: Heh, I'm glad our plan was well executed. We were there early and stayed only for an hour. So we basically got what we needed and were out of there before the scary crowds (we saw loads of cars queuing to get in!) really started.

hemma: We didn't see any camera crew! They must have been there when there were more people. I was getting queasy halfway through so we didn't do that much recording. heh. But that's ok!

ruth: This trip was just to familiarise ourselves with all the baby stuff. I think I'll start real shopping only in 2nd trimester when I have more energy! We've also been receiving quite a few things that we've been able to tick off our shopping list. heh.

Anonymous said...

Well done you! I don't think I've ever gone for any Expo fairs!

Glad the list was useful!

josiah n faith said...

wanted to go but as the hubby was away for the weekend, was not very keen to brave the crowds myself with the little boy in tow...

glad you're feeling better! and dun worry, God's in control!

Jacinta said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know that I've prayed for you. Take good care! God bless. :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

lilsnooze: This was my first! haha. Wasn't that impressed though - or maybe I was just too overwhelmed...

josiah n faith: Some friends who have been for other fairs said this year's one wasn't that great - so you didn't miss anything! Yup, God's in charge :)

jacinta: Thanks Jacinta! Appreciate it :)