Weekend Stuff

I spent Saturday afternnon cleaning out my old room at my parents' place (yes I know it is rather late to be doing so!), and lugging tons of stuff home. I only managed half the room when I was already sneezing so continually that my mum told me to stop. heh. Roboman set up racks in our storeroom to create some semblence of organisation in what used to be half a dumpster (just kidding).

We made our way to Funan Centre to buy 2 new lenses for our digital SLR. They are supposed to be my Christmas presents from him, as I would like to pick up photography this year. I have been told that my photo compositions (using my point and shoot digicam) are not bad, so I would like to hone that eye, and also learn about the technicalities of photography (aperture sizes, shutter speeds, ISO etc etc). I admit we have it so much easier these days with digital cameras!

So, after a busy, and rather tiring Saturday. It was nice hanging out today with friends from church. We did a Bible study today on Contentment - which was apt and a good reminder at the start of the year. We had a lovely lunch and then tea at a friend's place, and I spent the afternoon running around trying out my new prime lens :) Twas fun!


Anonymous said...

oh yes ..we do have it so much easier with digi cam! cant agree less...

are u into lomography too? few ard me are going ga-ga over it...me know nuts!

have a good week ahead, babe!

Anonymous said...

That's nice!

You're using a Nikon DSLR right?

For the life of me, I always need at least 30 secs before I can recall the functions of ISO/aperture etc. And then forever to figure out how to get the best out of them. =p

Anonymous said...

good luck with your new hobby! i completely agree we have it so much easier with digicams, so i try to take my manual film camera out sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you have a great site and I will be bringing my printed pocket calendar back to Singapore. If you like to have some to distribute at your church, let me know k. God Bless!

~tif;fany* said...

ahhh 'contentment'. its always a good reminder! :):)

i like that picture! *thumbs' up*

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

nuttyjas: Haha, nope I don't have a lomo camera - but it can be fun (although expensive since it is on film!) You have a good week too :)

moo: Mine's a Canon! But aiyah at my level it doesn't matter which camera really. Haha. I know what you mean - I have to process in my head what function is for what. Very slow still. That's why many of my portraits still come up blurry. Ugh. But I love how the camera has the potential to take great pics of humans!

melly: Thank you! Oooh. I don't think I have my manual film camera anymore. Come to think of it - where did it go?! But I do look at old photos thinking - man, I would not have printed this if I saw it first in a digital format! haha.

mei: Yay! I want to meet up for sure. When will you be back?

tiffany: Xie xie!

mummybean said...

oh, which SLR did you get? you know, the first SLR we got was for me but the hubs found that he loved it so much, now all the cameras and lenses are his! have fun with your new hobby!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

beanbean: Oh our DSLR is not a new one. It is Roboman's actually. Canon 350. I now use it too and the new lenses are his gift to me :)