New Year's Dinner

We were invited for a lovely homecooked dinner. I was looking forward to it all week and knew that it was going to be a food fest, with lots of chatter and laughter :)

[The evening started off with a jolt though. I was napping in the late afternoon and literally threw on one of my maxi dresses and headed out of the door with Roboman. Horror of horrors, halfway through the journey to the Imp's, I realised that I was bra-less (EEEK), and had to make Roboman turn back home for me to decent up =P]

The dinner was really a delight though. I shared that I was dreaming "meat meat meat!" all week, anticipating lamb that I knew was going to be served. And indeed the lamb dishes beautifully done and correspondingly lapped up. There was also beef, pasta, pilaf, pumpkin, salad and a variety of juices and single malts lavished on us by the Imp and her man, whom I knew started preparation a couple of days before! And they didn't let us help with the cleaning up!

There were lots of sharing of experiences and events that put us all into collective sighs, cackles, anticipation, and understanding. All in good fun and merriment.

I contributed an apple crumble, which everyone, being very kind, said that they enjoyed it. heh. I was pretty pleased with the apple mixture, but felt that the crumble was too crumbly - not enough bite. Boo. Thankfully the best part about such desserts is that it goes with ice-cream, so when all else fails, ice-cream always delivers. Heh

Thanks for the wonderful dinner and company, Imp! =)


imp said...

the cleaning up was all done and packed in like, 15min!!! ha.

babe, you're hilarious lah. no one would have noticed if you WEREN'T wearing a bra!! your dress is the sort that DOESN'T NEED a bra lah!

*i'm giggling coz ur word verficiation gave me 'brazecti'. HAHA.

~tif;fany* said...

bra-less!! *wolf whisltes* :P

Anonymous said...

ure crackin me up with this post! hehe..u must have been having a really rested and lazy day to forget all abt ure bra...hahaha!

the apple crumble looks delish :)

Little Miss Snooze said...

Haha at least you realised! ;)

Anonymous said...

A new year to go commando! :p
Tried making apple crumble once, but it was way too crumbly, bleah. Yours looks good!

Like imp, I'm giggling too - your word verification for me is 'bratul'! :p

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

imp: WahahahahaH! Maybe they scramble words found in the post! Weh, I would have freaked out if I discovered what was missing DURING the dinner!

tiffany: EEEEkkkkkkk

nuttyjas: I don't know what got into me! Probably too comfy - you're right.

lms: I KNOW! I would have freaked out if I noticed it at the party. And probably lock myself up in the toilet or something.

yuling: Actually mine was too crumbly too. I had to tweak the recipe I had to make it sufficient for more people, but I think there still wasn't enough dough. But I also included rolled oats, which helped give a nice crunch.

Candice said...

hehe! you must not be fully awake at that time.. :p

luckily realised in time!

Jacinta said...

Ooo, apple crumbles. YUM. You're such a great cook!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

candice: Yes probably =P Have been clumsy lately too!

jacinta: I wouldn't say that! heh. I just don't mind experimenting

celcilia_tjioe said...

No worry for you, cause u have a lovely imp around.. Pick one from her wardrobe, make sure u guys got the same size. Haha..

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

celcilia: Hopefully there is no next time! =P