Food Discipline

All my friends (and some colleagues) know that I absolutely adore fried chicken.

Have fried chicken smells waft past me, and I will not be able to resist. I can have it every day and won't feel bored.

Each time I am in a restaurant with friends, if fried chicken is served they'll turn to me and go "Hey, there's fried chicken for you!"

When I happen to grab a burger at McDonalds, it is always the McSpicy that I order.

However, because of family health issues, and my concern about my own body (I must be in good shape to have a baby, right?), I decided sometime last month that I will not eat fried chicken till March. And I told Roboman that. He had an amused look on his face that kind of spelt 'yah riiight'.

Anyway, so why March? Well, that is my birthday month, so I figured I should treat myself :)

And how has my report card been so far? Not totally clean unfortunately, but pretty darn good, if I could say so myself, considering all the temptations I have been facing.

I have only eaten a small piece of fried chicken my sister 'donated' to me from her Nasi Lemak plate while in Malaysia. And, a McSpicy one evening when I was feeling really PMS-y and asked Rob if I could. His response was, yes sure! Burgers are not really fried chicken! (Now I know I will wish someday that I didn't hear that)

My greatest feat of self-discipline probably played out today though.

I was at a Shihlin Street Snacks stall where they sell my favourite XXL fried chicken. The colleague asked if I wanted to share a plate. I immediately blurted out that I wasn't supposed to eat fried chicken. She went ahead to order it though, and I spent lunch mustering up all my will not to eat any from the huge plate in front of me!

Finally, she said it was too much and she couldn't finish it.

So as not to have the food go to waste. Guess what I did? I meticulously peeled off all the fried batter and ate the breast meat encased inside.

Aren't I a good girl?!


celcilia_tjioe said...

Hahahaa... The best part from fried chicken indeed are those u decided to discard away. I know u wont deny tat! LOL!!!

Jacinta said...

Lol! Good girl. :) *pats head*

Anonymous said...

funny!! but good try.. ;)

Anonymous said...

well done!

Anonymous said...

I love fried stuff in general, not just fried chicken. Good for you! Keep it up :)

~tif;fany* said...

hahahaha funny you!! i love freshly fried chicken wings~~ just the middle section though!

Anonymous said...


ha. but at least u didn't eat the friend part!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

celcilia: Shhhhh, don't remind me!!!

jacinta: Thank you *bow*

cote-p: Very 'cham' ok! haha

moo: Thank you thank you!

myeisha-I: Actually me too! Haha, but I thought it will be too much to ask me to stop ALL fried stuff, so I started with chicken because fried meat is probably the worst in terms of unhealthiness.

tiffany: Haha, that's my fave too!

imp: Friend part?! ROFL!!!

Anonymous said...

Apparently once you abstain for 21 days, you won't even crave it anymore!! Go you!!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

amanda: I didn't know that! Good fact to be aware of!