Phone Protest

I'm still having trouble with my phone.

Yesterday, I received a text message to the effect of:
"Hahaha, you can't text me back!"

It was one of my mischievious friends. (And Rust, I still can't save your number on my phone =P)

Yesterday, my phone decided to develop another strange disease. The screen showed everything in mirror image! It happened a couple more times since the first 'screening'. It was kind of amusing having to read text messages all shown back to front!

I certainly have to find time to either get a new phone, or get this one fixed.

But I so much rather stay home to sew =)


Anonymous said...

Hey, remember on your previous post on phone problems, I mentioned that my hp's LCD acted up with funny colours? Well, the image was laterally reversed too! (still have a pic of it!) I found it fun to read the text that way too and went around 'showing off' Haha. :-)


Anonymous said...

Order your new phone online while sitting by your sewing machine. =p Then you get the best of everything.

celcilia_tjioe said...

I cant live without my mobile on hand! :)

Anonymous said...

Mine's the samsung slider phone too - SGH U700. It sucks big time! Every time it throws some tantrum, I find it useful to just switch it off and on it again. Usually the problems (hanging, refusal to load my phonebook etc) will go away. You may want to try?

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

CDR: Arrrggghh. Looks like a manufacturing fault then! (I almost typed 'default' haha)

moo: ooh lala - you're brilliant! haha

celcilia: I thought I couldn't too but this incident has proven me wrong. I kind of feel a sense of freedom not having to reply to text messages. hehehe

yuling: Oooo, I spend the whole day turning my phone off and on everytime I need to read a message! Coz now even when a message comes in, I can't click it open automatically =P Bad bad phone...

The Rust said...

yay i made it to ur blog!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

the rust: HahahahaaH. Indeed!