Food for the throat

The pain in my throat has finally subsided, after 5 full days of agony. I find it really interesting how my 5-day course of antibiotics really took exactly 5 days to kill off the bacteria! Perhaps someone can enlighten me!

Anyway, my dear husband took pains to take me to eat stuff beyond congee the last few days. Soft stuff that I could swallow with less pain. (Although for most of the last few days I still had to pop a Panadol Extra before each meal to make eating more bearable)

A few dishes that soothed my throat and palate:

Chicken Essence Consomme with a teeny piece of foie gras
Braised Fish with red dates
Cod fish Ramen
Salmon Sashimi

Then, when I was getting better, I was totally craving for red meat. It didn't help that I was watching a lot of Asian Food Channel while moping at home, and saw a series of cooking demonstrations with lamb.

So we went in search for lamb and ended up at Friends. When told the regular lamb in the menu had sold out, I must have looked so disappointed that the waitress specially asked the kitchen to see if they could do rack of lamb for me. And they did! Beautifully :) The meat was marbled and cooked so splendidly that it melted in my mouth. Compliments to the chef!


josiah n faith said...

glad u're feeling better!
just wondering where u had your cod fish ramen and if it was any good. i have a number of frens who don't eat pork, and this would be great for them

Anonymous said...

i'm glad to hear ure feeling better :).Go eat good food now!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

josiah n faith: Oh, but I think the broth was pork based though!

nuttyjas: Thank you! I will - but still avoiding fried stuff coz the throat is still tender.

hemma said...

YAY... hallelujah heh

Anonymous said...

Great you're feeling much better. and the chef was so nice!

~tif;fany* said...

glad you are all better now!

oooh lamb rack!! MY FAVE!

mummybean said...

poor you -- a bad throat really sucks! at least the hubs brought you out for good food!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

hemma: Indeed :) Thankful for the healing

moo: Yes and so was the waitress! She could have simply said 'no more' and expected me to pick another dish.

tiffany: Heee..yes it was yums alright.

beanbean: Yes especially since I love food!

Little Miss Snooze said...

Oh those dishes look good...esp the braised fish with red dates which seem very gd for the throat...