Christmas Feasting

With all the feasting I have been doing over the Christmas season, I felt compelled to do this quick food post.

Lovely homemade cookies from the colleagues.
None made it home - they all went straight into my tummy! ;)
Christmas dinner with old friends.
The hostess is truly a domestic goddess. Not only is her home always beautifully done up, the food she serves is superb. Juicy turkey roasted from scratch, and chunks of ham were my favourite!

My mother-in-law's annual Christmas dinner was fantastic as usual.
Although I didn't get pics of the main dishes, I remember them well :)
(turkey, ham, lamb shank, roast chicken, angels on horseback, pasta, salads etc)

The desserts really wowed guests
All homemade by the various aunts, one uncle, and my sister-in-law
- not a single one was bought.
We had mince pies, trifle, pecan pie, apple crumble, jelly,
tiramisu, fruit cake and peach cheese cake.
Everything was swiped out so fast I didn't get many good pics again. Burp


imp said...

that's the loveliest thing about christmas. SO MUCH FOOD! and great homecooked food.

Little Miss Snooze said...

That's really alot of feasting..and the home made desesrt menu is extensive!

Anonymous said...

yummm... food.....

celcilia_tjioe said...

*belching* too... =)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

imp: Yes, there was just so much food! Plus as usual when in Malaysia I lapped up lots of hawker fare as well. *contented sigh*

lms: It was! I'm always amazed with the dessert spread. I grew up not really exposed to desserts and hence I don't have a sweet tooth. I can see how that could be developed though!

cote-p: Oooh yeah

celcilia: Hahaha, burping and belching from the feasting!