To Singapore residents: Do you like A&W?

I was told recently about an online petition to bring this chain back to Singapore. However, I don't quite see how a petition of this nature could be effective, given that it will really be a business decision. The F&B industry in Singapore is highly competitive too, and there are plenty of alternatives to this type of food.

That said, I often allocate 1 meal every 3-4 Malaysian trips to A&W. The usual choices? Root Beer Float, Coney Dog and Curly Fries.


~tif;fany* said...

i LOVE root beer float and curly fries! it'll be nice if A&W can be revived!

alternatively, i think carl junior's criss-cut fries is nice too!

Jacinta said...

I would LOVE to have it back! :DDD

Anonymous said...

ahh. nope. no A & Ws for me. i want wendy's or texas fried chicken back.

lingcat said...

I remember standing in a 45 mins queue with only 5 people before me. They are terribly slow.

I do like the curly fries. But to wait that long for 'fast food', no thanks!

Anonymous said...

me!!! curly fries!!!!!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

tiff: I actually like the chilli dogs at MOS burger too. I think they taste similar.

jacinta: You're a true fan!

imp: M'sia still has Wendy's! But it is not the same as how I remembered it. I used to eat this burger with a thick pile of thinly sliced juicy beef. No more!

lingcat: Yes I agree! We had to wait really long too, and were trying to figure out why. The mugs too heavy? Anyway, with such speed very hard to compete.

cote-p: That's my fave too!

Little Miss Snooze said...

Hmmmm I miss the float and waffles...but I rem their place always have a "sad air"...:P

josiah n faith said...

nope, am not an A&W fan. but what would be really nice to have back are Dunkin Donuts... despite all the new donut shops that have sprung up, none can beat the Dunkin Donut Bavarian Cream donut *drool*

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

lms: Very different from the cheeriness of McDonalds or Carl's Jr!

josiah n faith: Oh, that's something I don't think I've tried. Will make mental note to get that flavour next time.