Happy Me

As promised, here are 6 things that make me happy :)

There are so many things that make me happy! These are but a few, chosen because I could find photos to represent them. hee

1. Browsing through my wedding photos
I don't often look at them (in fact I have yet to get them printed! oops), but when I do, I recall the beautiful wedding celebrations, the vows, the feeling of awe from all the attention and love we received, and best of all, I remember how blessed I am to be married to this one special man.

2. Making things
I love making things with my hands.
I can spend hours doing so when inspiration hits, and I always emerge physically tired but refreshed in all other ways.
(This is me when I had long, lush and curly hair - how I miss it!)

3. Good food
I likey good food. Nyum nyum
4. Carrying babies
I always have!
So don't wag your fingers telling me that my clock is ticking =P
5. Gatherings
Especially with family and close friends, and over food (note point 3)
And even more so when I've helped make the place look pretty ;)
6. Flowers
I'm easy to please in this department :)
I've no hang-ups about types of flowers, and am always happy to receive them!


celcilia_tjioe said...

I do love babies too! Love their bodies scent. :)

Anonymous said...

i always imagine myself cringing at looking at my own wedding photos (if it ever happens!!).

Anonymous said...

Happy post! :) I like the table setting!

Anonymous said...

very sweet. things that make u happy! make me grin when i read it!

Anonymous said...

ahhh...where did u get the courage to chop off those beautiful curls :)

L.I.N said...

awww sweet!!
i knew food would be on your list :D yum!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

celcilia: I love how cuddly they are, and I like to observe them.

melly: I cringe at the video! So I've only seen the edited one shown of my Singapore church wedding at the KL dinner. But I like the photos :) Wish I paid more for a better photographer, and skipped the videographer!

yuling: Thanks! That was for my sister's birthday :)

imp: Yah! Made me happy to think of what to write too. A spot of sunshine.

nuttyjas: Hahahaha! I remember the stylist asking me 3 times if I was sure. And I was! I just wanted short n sassy, and EASY UPKEEPING for a change. Hee. But I miss the versatility of longer hair though.

eleh: HahahaH Oops! That obvious?! ;)

Anonymous said...

Clock is ticking, clock is ticking, clock is ticking! Haha.

Can't wait for you to have a little corsage or mini Robo!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

amanda: Naughty mummy! Heh...okay I'll bug you for mummy tips next time!