Wonky Phone

My phone has gone wonky. It is one of those Samsung slider ones.

Now when I slide it open to access the keypad, none of the buttons on the slider work. So that means I can't do text messages, because that means I need the keypad AND a button on the slider to click "Send".

I also can't call any number that is not already stored in my phone, as that also requires keypad and slider buttons.

I need a new phone!


Anonymous said...

Hey, remember I'm using the same phone too?

Well, it gave me problems too. Barely into my 6th month of using it, it wonked out on me. I couldn't hear the other party. The phone would ring and when I pressed 'accept', all I heard was total silence. And the LCD also went wacky, displaying funny colours at odd times.

Lately, a pal who has the same model too also experiences some sort of problem.

Lousy phone!


Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

CDR: Yeah it is REALLY annoying :( And yes, I've heard from others too that this phone is really lousy. I wish I checked before I bought it! Have you changed your phone? I want to get a new simple one - non-fussy kind that is hopefully longer lasting!

celcilia_tjioe said...

Go for Sony Ericsson!! :)

Anonymous said...

corsage: unfortunately I'm still using it. just bought it in Feb, reluctant to 'give ground' that soon unless it totally conks out and is beyond repair.

Meantime, have to put up with the capricious mood of the 'reject' button. :(

Anonymous said...

oh dear. my phone is giving me probs too :( but it's just prob that i've used it too long. time to change!

Anonymous said...

i'm like the total opposite.. my phone is new and totally fine, but hearing about all the problems with your phones makes me want to go buy a new one too!! ;)

lingcat said...

me Samsung U700 died last night. Wondering if I shld get U900 as my U600 died on me 2 mths ago.

The touch-screen is the problem.

josiah n faith said...

Looks like everyone has phone problems. I just sent my Sony Ericsson in for repair today. I forgot to save my contact nos in my SIM card, so I won't have your no for the next 2-3 days...

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

celcilia: Yes that seems to be the choice people have been recommending me! I'll have to go check it out. I don't know much about phone models. haha

CDR: I might not be able to tahan :( Let's see how I manage this weekend!

ame: That's forgiveable then! I've been really struggling with mine. all the messages I've managed to send out so far have been after tons of frantically pressing buttons to catch the 'chance' when they work!

cote-p: What phone do you use! I should get it!

lingcat: Yes I agree it is the touch screen! Esp since I just throw my phone into my various bags too!

josiah n faith: Oh no! And I was thinking Sony Ericsson should be safe. Oh wells, phones just have too many functions these days they don't hold up as well as the good old basic models.

Anonymous said...

i'm using motorola razr v9.. rose gold colour.. this is my very first time using a motorola.. i used to condemn this brand coz i felt the UI was lousy and un-intuitive.. but it's been good so far.. works like samsung / SE, which i've used for the past 11 years.. i'm anti-nokia.. for some crazy reason.. hehe! somehow my hps don't spoil quite fast enough for me.. ;) i always change b4 they are spoilt..