To the airport and back

The sister is finally back from another bout of world galavanting.

We took a leisurely drive through pouring rain to meet her at the airport. I was wearing a nice-looking but too small a pair of shoes (long story), thinking I wouldn't have to walk much. Alas, we got our Terminals wrong - parking our car at T2 rather than T3. My poor feet.

As if to welcome her home, the rain dried up on our way back, and we were greeted with a beautiful setting sun. A variation of orange smudged the sky, providing a pretty backdrop to trees planted by the road.


Anonymous said...

wow, beautiful sunset indeed! Doesn't look like it's in Singapore, more like South Africa! Haha!


Jacinta said...

Love sunsets! Pretty. :)))

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

CDR: Oh! haha, I have to agree with you after looking at the photo again! Would you believe I actually took that from the car!

jacinta: They are! And they come in all shades too. This one happened to be very orange.