Sewing Lessons on my own

So I have been sewing and learning to sew better!

I'm so happy with my Brother machine, as it has given birth to many more pretties beyond its first born.

I've been conscientiously teaching myself different sewing techniques. I examine my current pouches, bags, toilet-roll holders, clothes etc, to see how they have been sewn. I trawl the internet to read up tutorials, view patterns, get specific tips from experience sewers, and watch video-clips to see for myself how certain techniques are done.

It is almost like I've enrolled myself into a part-time course, with lots of self-study and practicals thrown in. I devour sewing information with rigour and enjoyment, and happily deprive myself of sleep to sew up new things that I've committed to memory.

Just like in any field, there are so many technical terms and descriptions that are unique to it. I've learnt what bobbins are, what interfacing is for, about the zipper foot, sergers etc etc.

I'm learning a new skill and am enjoying every bit of it :)


AlasMyDear said...

good for you! :) i've got such a love-hate relationship with my brother's given me such pain amidst the joy!

there're loads of tutorials on the web. i especially like, no tutes there but the lady sews mid-range stuff with stunning fabrics!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

alasmydear: I'm actually amazed how much I can do with such a basic machine! Makes me glad that I didn't fork out more money for a fancier one. Ooo, I haven't done clothes yet! Too difficult for me right now. My latest 'homework' is to sew on a zipper perfectly!