Mixed-up Weekend

I'm having a sort of a strange, happy weekend.

Roboman is out of town
Sis-in-law is staying with us for the week

A friend visiting from Sydney
A mattress delivery
Visit and lunch delivery by parents
New bed linen chosen and bought
Driving through Halloweenish party goers
Night out with old acquaintances
Afternoon tea with old friend (lots of cake and ice-cream)
Dinner with friends that involved a cat circling us
A teething baby chewing on me
Some matchmaking over coffee where I'm needed as a decoy

And throughout all of this, I'm seriously procrastinating a piece of work that will be seen by 1,000 people at an event this week. And I'm still having a tickly cough.

Isn't it really annoying how procrastination really takes the joy out of living the now? Okay, I don't know if that makes sense. But I do feel that if I had the time/energy/will to do all the work earlier, this weekend would have been a blast. Unfortunately, the thought of unfinished business has been lingering over my head, casting a shadow over me.

But how it is that everytime I decide to whip up the work computer, a headache sets in?


I better work through this headache now before the supper appointment tonight.


Anonymous said...

oeh! i certainly hope that all the work's been done and you're NOT continuing anything after the supper date.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

imp: Not done! Many changes happening all the time!!! I think will be like that till D-day. Gulp