The Mandarin Barrier

We have 2 counterparts from Shanghai attached to us for a couple of weeks.

Always enjoying the role of a tour guide, a colleague and I volunteered to take them out for dinner. After all, they are youngish (32 and 34), so we figured we would be comfortable enough to play host for one evening.

We've planned dinner and drinks and maybe a drive through to see Orchard Road's Christmas light-up (which unfortunately is awful this year IMO - clashing colours and a weak theme)

Just like with most other visitors, I asked my friends if they wanted to join in. After all, the bunch of them were already meeting up and we never mind new company.

To my amusement, I was met with lots of What? Chinese? Wo Bu Hui Jiang Hua Yu (I can't speak Mandarin).

And so, none of them volunteered their company =D


lingcat said...

I like to jiang hua yu.

I try to avoid the angmohs.


Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

lingcat: Good that you can! I wish I can be (much) better. But I try :)

Anonymous said...

they're kinda our age. what i want to know is, do they share certain inclinations/habits or something? are they our kind of 30/32yr olds?

meaning= will they roll eyes if i take them to Velvet??!! hehehehehe.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

imp: Haha, okay not in that way I guess. They're quite reserved, but in a sweet way. Both are young fathers and one was particularly concerned because his 11-month-old contracted Rotavirus just when he left Shanghai for Singapore. I enjoyed conversing with them though - rather meaningful conversations we had!