I just gave birth!

Well, it was probably what giving birth could feel like anyway. Discomfort and pain and during the pregnancy and birth; sheer relief right after.

After months of preparation, it is FINALLY OVER.

Arriving at the event venue at 5am in the morning to get ready means my eye rings will likely linger on for a while.

I'm so happy! I can finally find time to do my laundry properly! Clear clothes piles! Set up my sewing machine! Plan for Christmas! Not look at the work computer on weekends! (hopefully)

It feels great :)


imp said...

YAY! *hugs*

hemma said...

finally my dear ;) yoohoo!

josiah n faith said...

congratulations! go take a well-deserved break!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Everyone: Yay!!! :) am going to enjoy my weekend