Cool Socks

Friday has descended and weekend is near!

I feel lighthearted, my nagging cough mysteriously disappeared after my event(!), and I have a wonderfully bustling weekend all planned out.

It feels really great! Even the thought of ploughing through my many "clumps" of dirty laundry (as Roboman puts it), inspires in me a sense of purpose.

AND randomly, isn't this pair of baby socks so adorable? I was so tickled when I saw them on my favourite baby. They even have little non-slip rubber bits on the soles!


Anonymous said...

very cute :) kate also was wearing one when i saw her, but in mary janes style!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

ame: Oh! It must be an "in" thing for babies then. He also has a pair of "laced up" sneakers :)