Cocoa goodness

The friend flew in from Sydney enroute to Jakarta and then Hongkong.

With only a weekend to spare, she had to pack in appointments and family commitments via a series of text messages.

This is the friend whom I have not seen for more than a year. She flew in specially for my wedding in March 07, where she bravely took on emcee duty for the dinner. Since then, the jetsetting career woman has been working long hours, and our communication has been reduced to sporadic text messages, emails, and the once-in-a-blue moon snail mail.

So I just had to squeeze out time last night to catch up, although I was nursing a bad throat and an annoying cough. You know the kind of cough that comes from a tingly, itchy throat.

We met up with a bunch of old friends at Canele, Robertson Quay for a sugar fix, before heading off for wine and cheese.

Someone told me that dark chocolate with very high percentage of cocoa is good for sore, itchy throats.

So I got myself some to see if that is true.

My medicine :)


Anonymous said...

love dis sort of "medicine"! hehe...
hv a great weekend ..

imp said...

with club soda or sparkling water for that feel-good factor!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

nuttyjas: Hmpf, but it didn't seem to work leh :( Hope you had a great weekend!

imp: Nooooooo to fizzy water! One of my least liked drinks!!

Anonymous said...

huh. i thought chocolate is heaty and not good for coughs / sore throats!!

~tif;fany* said...

you should eat durians!! (thats what my FMIL told me. hur hur)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

ame: Apparently cocoa is good! A bride friend tried it on her wedding coz she kept coughing and it worked for her. But not really for me though - maybe I haven't eaten enough! =P

tiff: Oh yes, I've heard that before too. But chocolates are yummier and easier to get!