Being Married

Today was a typical one, where Roboman and I met up after work for dinner.

We did a spot of shopping for necessities, and some sewing supplies. He helped me choose fabric, and pick up things that are too high up for me to reach; I followed him to peek in a new audio equipment shop. As we strolled around the mall, we held hands as we usually do.

We ordered our food, and said grace together. Chatting through our Carl's Jr meal, we talked about our day, people in our lives, and how the chips we were eating were real because they had their skins on. We wondered aloud about McDonalds managing to make their reconstituted fries taste so good. We exchanged views about various issues, and I sought comfort in his words.

As we lounged around back at home, I found myself telling him how I really looked forward to seeing him every single day after work. It is the time of the day when I can be completely myself, be loved, cared for, and heard. It is also for me to hear about his day, give him back rubs, and provide gentleness and support.

I love my husband, and I enjoy his companionship very much.