Another night out

We've driven by the Fire Station Hillside Gastrobar a number of times since it opened at what used to be a colonial styled firestation. Nestled right at the last station block, this eatery at Upper Bukit Timah is another place for quiet ambience and some greenery.

It was a cool night, so dining alfresco was a pleasant experience.

The food was rather pleasing as well. One of our appetisers, Button Mushrooms with Escargots and Garlic Butter, was particularly refreshing. The blend of flavours and textures made the dish memorable. We also had mushroom soup, which I did not photograph properly - just as well, as I thought it pretty average [biased perhaps as I can do a pretty mean mushroom soup myself, if I may say so ;)] .

Mains of Carbonara and Beer Battered Fish

Perhaps my only grouse is that they don't do lunch, as we found out today!


Anonymous said...

ooohhh...i've passed by a few times as well, since mum's shop is just a stone throw away. I'm gonna pop by one of these days!

thanks for the lowdown..the escargot looks yummy :)

~tif;fany* said...

nyum nyum i really should go try out the food places of the west that you reviewd!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

nuttyjas: They were good! Hot juicy mushrooms, chewy escargots and a crisp garlic butter topping. Just remember to go only after 5pm!

tiff: Not a bad place to try!