The Amazing (G)Race)

We just spent the morning "racing" around Western Singapore, spotting yellow and black flags, finding cryptic clues, and performing challenges at pitstops.

I could tell that a lot of effort went into planning for today's race organised for the various small groups in church. It is not easy to plan a game like that on a large scale, especially when we had such a wide age group involved - from little exciteable kids to older adults.

Our group made up of young adults, and when we got very lost at the very first pitstop, we thought all's over. We laughed at ourselves about how embarrassing our group was, losing out to families with young children. Especially so because we also named ourselves the Fast & the Furious. (erm, my idea) Some of us even quipped that we should just grab breakfast and join up with the rest back at church. Heh.

But of course, we didn't give up, and plowed our way through. At the last stop, we were surprised to hear that we were in running for 2nd place!

That was when we really picked up speed and RAN! It was hilarious seeing the sudden spurt of motivation :)

Thank God for a morning of fun with friends...and beautiful flowers like these growing around our church building:


hemma said...

oh wow! so happening... sounds like fun :) so did u folks win in the end?

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

hemma: We came in 2nd! Heh. Not bad :)