Word of mouth

You know how people always say that many things get popular through word of mouth? The food stall, the tailor, the cool shop, that new blog etc.

Well I'm once again completely blown away by how this is so true.

When it comes to what happens in an organisation, some people are just naturally interested in the lives of their colleagues. Not just work issues like how they fare in producing work, but how they feel, when they are happy, annoyed, had a fight with their spouse. What brands of clothes they wear, how many pairs of shoes they have, who they are dating. Who's intending to quit, move departments, getting a new boss, not getting along with their staff.

Sure, I would hear someone out if he/she needs a listening ear. I would confide in 2-3 close colleagues who have become friends. I might even share something I know with someone if I believe the information could help him/her in a specific situation.

But I am really not bothered to hear or know about issues that don't concern me, and especially not if the issue does not even concern the person telling it to me.

I still get taken aback by just how much information travels within the circle of ex and present colleagues. I accept the fact that I could be one of those that people talk about. It doesn't bother me when facts are discussed, and I try not to be over-concerned when they are not.

But what I really want, as I always have, is to be disconnected from this grapevine. I don't see myself as any part of it. I'm honestly not interested unless a brick is about to fall on me or my team.

Most of these things really don't matter at all in the larger scheme of things. They only come alive within our office space.


hemma said...

Yeah I guess we're pretty alike in wanting to be d/c from the grapevine. It bothers me when people talk though - if its mean/unfair or unnecessarily putting negative thoughts into others' heads. Well, I'll probably blog abt this soon too. Look out for it :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

hemma: Haha, okay. Yes I just think it is tiring to know all these things sometimes. I'd rather not know and concentrate on the more meaningful and fun side of life. In some ways ignorance is bliss, but of course in reality things are not so simple!

Anonymous said...

i can understand how irritating it is.

there's bitching and there's bitching. give me something i haven't seen.

and when i joined my current organization, lo and behold, i was 'blown away'. i cannot believe how small-minded and 'fish-market-style' the bitching is. whatever happened to Gossip Girls and OC vibes??!! non-existent. that makes the bitching SO NOT fun.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

imp: Sighs. As long as I make time for prayer and centering, I am ok. Otherwise, it can start of as irritating, then annoying, then downright draining.