Trip out to the Islands

Here is a photo log of our trip out to one of the 5 islands around Sabah - Manukan Island. We chose Manukan for its easily accessible coral reefs, perfect for snorkelling. It was also only 5 minutes away from our resort by speedboat.

The sun was happily blazing, and the water currents were cold.
In the clear waters we saw many species of fishes, sea slugs, corals, and unfortunately sinister-looking sea urchins. I hope the authorities get the sea urchins cleared out because they are damaging the corals.

I religiously slapped on sunblock each time we came out of the water, forgetting only my bum, so now I have a lovely tan line there =P

Thankfully I don't burn!


Anonymous said...

I love the name of the company. Looking at your pictures reminded once again why I don't step into the waters of East Coast.

imp said...

i think asia really has a rich marine life. look at the jewel hues of those waters. tis lovely.

and yes. corals protect the beauty of these islands. :)

Jacinta said...

Looks incredibly serene... :) Nice!

~tif;fany* said...

ahhh such nice waters to go dive in!!!!!!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

moo: Me too - haha, and the chaps manning the business were all chirpy, tanned and fun too. Yup, there's no beach here where we don't see tankers etc :(

imp: Indeed - I hope these ones remain and flourish!

jacinta: I loved the colours, immediately relaxing!

tiffany: Haha, yes I think i saw a few divers, but they probably went further out.