Sunnies for me

I'm in KL this weekend.

I'm really liking my oversized sunnies.

The lenses are neither too light nor too dark, and has all the protection that a good pair should have.

The big frames help block out sunlight that usually shine in from the sides of smaller frames. I don't experience the kind of dizziness that I sometimes get from wearing small framed sunnies.

I like how I look in them :) Bug-eyed.


imp said...

i love how it goes with your bob. very chic. more chic than katie holmes now in her bedraggled baggy jeans.

cote-p said...

oo.. no wonder we missed you in church yesterday :) kai wore your Allblacks romper yesterday! will post the pic! :D

Jacinta said...

Hehe, cute! Love your earrings too. :)

cHeeRs said...

wow...your hair style is getting shorter & shorter yo!

Candice said...

i like big shades too! your bob is making me think again if i want to keep my hair long. i'm in the tormenting stage of shoulder length. :|

corsage said...

imp: Haha, yes I've been trying to salvage how I look with my too short hair. Unfortunately at work I need to wear glasses :( Eyes can't do contact lens the whole day.

cote-p: OH! I thought I told you. Would have loved to see him in that! :)

jacinta: Yah! I'm into black earrings these days.

cheers: This one is too short! It has already grown out a bit so it is more bearable now. Feel like keeping it long again.

candice: Because of this awful 'too short' experience, I'm thinking of growing my hair out now! But I also don't know if I can tahan the growing out stages. Good thing at least we're working in air-conditioned environments. Slightly more bearable!