The Real Chef

I haven't been doing any Weekly Chef posts lately. Not that I haven't been cooking, but because I know for a fact that I'm really not much of a cook, and my weekly dishes can be boring. (Tasty but still, boring). So boring that I gave up photographing my food.

This weekend however, we're having dinner guests on Saturday - so if all works out well, maybe I'll have some photos to share :) I'm still deciding on the menu!

Anyway, this lovely homemade chicken pie was lovingly prepared (from scratch) by my mother-in-law. She is the real deal. Fantastic cook. She does anything from pies to (her famous) brownies to layered cake (kueh lapis), to Peranakan fare, to roasts, to curries, to herbal soups. The food she makes not only turns out well, but she also manages to do them very efficiently. I once witnessed her making about 6 large cake-tins of brownies, one after another. All to be sliced up and prettily packaged for nurses working at an old folks' home.

I want to train myself to be a better cook. It can be quite discouraging sometimes because of the tiny kitchen we have! A lot of mid-prep cleaning up needs to be done to make room throughout the cooking process. For large groups, it is all about planning, planning planning! But I often remind myself that it is not the size of the kitchen that matters, but the food that is prepared in it, and the people who partake of the food :)

To more lovingly prepared food!


imp said...

i always see the bf deep in thought. his sunday meals are planned by fri or sat. and sometimes the cooking begins on sat already. it's an all day affair on sun then to prep for THE sunday dinner.

looking at your schedule, it's definitely not easy to whip up a meal directly after work. so while it's practise and practise, you won't be in the right frame of mind to feel all nice about it. :(

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

imp: Oh yes, there is a big difference between cooking to entertain and everyday cooking. I admire those like my MIL who can whip up a feast with such efficiency that it seems almost effortless! It is a mixture of experience (which I don't have), and I think a real love for cooking :) I think your man has that love!