The Parents

This holiday was special because it wasn't just a beach getaway with Roboman. We invited my parents to join us for this trip, and we're glad they seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

It was a time for bonding, and opening of my heart to understand more about them, my husband, and myself. This invitation was Roboman's idea. I wish I thought of it first, but I have to honestly say that it was him who did. He is a real dear!

It was very heartening to see how my parents showed concern for us, and how Roboman did for them. In my observations, I was also amused by how my parents, after all these years of marriage (I think 32?), still shared a certain childlike hold on each other. My dad is the protective, giving and knowledgeable husband, while my mum is the wide-eyed, curious and adoring wife.

Of course we couldn't do everything together. My mother does not like blazing sunshine, and so they opted to take a trip out to the mountains, enjoying the cool air and greenery there, while we stayed for doses of sun, sand and sea.

We met for dinners and a mid-afternoon tea. I was the only one that kept getting hungry! It must have been the air from the seas...


Anonymous said...

that's lovely. to have family near and yet have your own space. i'm not so sure i can have a holiday together with e bf's folks or vice versa!!!

Anonymous said...

so nice to have special family time together :)

Little Miss Snooze said...

I actually love family holidays. ;)
And even better when you get your own time/space! Best of both worlds.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

imp: Yes it was lovely, and I feel blessed! Sabah is also one of those places where you have many choices of what you want to do. We could definitely have stayed much longer!

ame: Yup, indeed! :)

lms: This was our first time! Other then all the other lovely times when we visit his family or when he visits, and oh, when I join them for their church camps :)

cHeeRs said... fortunate, how envy!

I wonder will Daryl bring us for holiday with his future gf/wife hehe : P

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

cheers: Hehe, well he is a really sweet boy so I'm sure even if he doesn't he'll pamper you both in other ways :)