Besides nursing a bad back, a sore throat has also inexplicably decended on me. Slight chills too.

On the work front, we've been pouring over details of a major event we're organising. We have 6 more days to put in place every process. Nothing can go wrong.

Any event organiser would know though, that it is just impossible to have full control over everything. As of today, there are still many loose ends that cannot be tied because various parties involved are not ready.

We just have to do what is within our sphere of influence, and pray for the best.

The discovery of a pretty new clutch was a welcomed sight in the midst of work stress. (It was a gift, I didn't buy it!)


Anonymous said...

Chills and sore throat? Sounds bad.

Drink plenty of water. Clich├ęd advice but it works! Take care.


Little Miss Snooze said...

Nice clutch!

Hold up, dont fall (too)sick! Lack of sleep and stress leads to lower immunity.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

CDR: Yeah. I hate being ill! Bleah. Have been pumping up on vits! Had friends in town and came home past 2 yesterday. Probably not a good thing. Haha

lms: Thanks! I had an intuition that you would comment about the bag. heee. You spy with your little eye all bags on blogs =) Yes I've noticed I get ill almost everytime before a major event =P