Cooking Ruckus

We had 3 friends over for dinner on Saturday, including one who is a couple of months' pregnant.

Wanting to get ideas for the mains, I consulted a food forum, where many people said I shouldn't do fish. Apparently certain fish is not good for pregnant women! Anyway, I asked my pregnant friend and she said the only thing she couldn't eat (because of an allergy) was spicy food. So there. But I decided on chicken anyway after checking out couple of yummy looking recipes.

I have never roasted a whole chicken by myself before, and had a real bimbo moment when I took the chicken out of the packaging. I actually did a little jump and scream when the head and feet popped out from under the nicely wrapped chicken. My yells led Roboman to come by the kitchen to find out what the ruckus was about. I'm embarrassed to say that he had to witness a traumatised wife going "eeww eeww eeww", cringing, and flaying her arms about.

He then gallantly chopped them off the unwanted parts for me. One of the feet flung out towards me, leading to another round of yells, much to my husband's amusement. Oh well, there's always a first!

Here's the chicken. It tasted lovely and was very tender, but I think it could have crisped up more.
I also made (from scratch, I must proudly add) cream of mushroom soup, and a nice green salad with persimmon. Roboman contributed his mashed potatoes. Unfortunately I forgot to take good pics of them.

Bacon wrapped veges. The favourite :)

Made for the 1st time as well, Double Choc Chip Cookies. I didn't know I had to use 2 trays =P Haha, so all my cookies merged together.I had to cut them up after. Thankfully they actually tasted pretty yummy :) Especially with vanilla ice-cream..


Anonymous said...

You were chickened by the chicken. ;p

the cookies are awesome. anymore i can steal nibbles of?

~tif;fany* said...

pregnant women should eat more fish. its good for the development of the brains of the baby. :)

do baked/oven-cooked/whatever you called it salmon next time. salmon has got lotsa omega3!

lie 2 pieces of aluminum paper on the table, place 2 asparagus down first, put the salmon on top and sprinkled generously with the chopped coloured peppers and chorizo soria (spanish cured sausages) (or you can used fried bacon!), drizzled olive oil and seal! throw inside oven (not too sure about the temperature and timing though!) and its doned!

Anonymous said...

Hey, the bacon wrapped veges look droolicious! :D


Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

imp: ROFL Yes I was indeed. The cookies recipe went weird though. They really weren't supposed to be so flat!! I'm going to try to remake them again sometime and I'll let you try.

tiff: Yes salmon is ok I think. I was told those fish with mercury should be avoided. Thanks for the mini recipe!

CDR: Yup - that's always a favourite, that's why I like making them. Hard to go wrong too!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! The chicken story made me laugh!! Yes it's true, pregnant women shouldn't eat fish containing mercury, this is especially true of larger fish like tuna and yellowtail because these fish eat other smaller fish so the concentration of mercury in them is higher. I know because my company had an otoro tasting while I was preggers and I had to be CONVINCED that I could not eat it. *sob*

Anonymous said...

wah looks so tasty!


Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Harvey: Thanks! I think they look slightly better than they tasted! haha