Water Babies

A bunch of ex-schoolmates decided to meet up for a "baby-swimming" session. Most of us haven't seen each other for a while. In these couple of years, the girls have gotten married, and a number are now mothers.

Having recently met up with one of these new mothers, I was invited to join them for this swimming session. I decided it would be fun to go, although I was aware that I was going to be the only non-mother in the group, with no baby to take swimming.

We met at a friend's apartment, where I was taken by her unique clock. She said she'll probably have to replace it soon, lest it confuses her son when he starts to learn to read!

I decided not to join them in the pool for the swimming session, which I amusingly observed made up mostly of the mothers duck walking in the pool while holding on to their kids.

The oldest boy was able to stand in the pool, and he had a wonderful time making splashes and chasing after floating toys. He also absolutely loved applying sunblock, and asked for more to be rubbed on him even when it was time to leave.

Floating contraptions seemed to be very unwelcomed by the kids, who preferred free movements, secure in mummys' hands. One in particular, seemed to be ready to learn proper swimming, laughing with absolute glee as he attempted to move his arms and legs to push himself forward.

The littlest of the lot was taking his nap when the older boys started swimming. When he woke up, he was introduced to the pool by having his little feet popped under the water fountain. He took everything in his stride as he quietly observed what the rest were doing.

When it was time to go, all the kids were quickly bundled up in all manner of towels.

It was also time for me to leave to meet up with Roboman.

Observing little children at play is such an enjoyable experience for me. I wonder if I'll feel the same when my own children come along? Or will it be a hassle duck-walking in pools with them, and making sure they're safe?


~tif;fany* said...

i think its madness with your own kids. :P:P

Little Miss Snooze said...

Both enjoyable while making sure your baby is safe! ;)
We brought bbnat for a dip again yesterday and it was such a great experience seeing him splashing around with the swim floats around his arms and us holding onto him.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

tiff: =P

lms: Oh, he certainly seems to love water! :)