The Peak

The other place I'm glad I visited in Hongkong was the trip up to The Peak. This is where many of the rich and famous Hongkongers live. The steep slopes allow residents to get both the advantages of living in a landed house, and having a beautiful view usually restricted to high-rise apartment dwellers.
We were blessed with absolutely clear air the evening we went up, none of the smog Hongkong is famous for. Roboman was thrilled because the last time he was there, he could not see anything beyond the harbour.
We chose to travel up on the traditional Peak Tram, the rails of which were first built in 1888. The tram now takes people uphill to the newly constructed Peak Tower, where there is a viewing platform. Because of the steepness of the slope, the floors of the tram have grooves built into them to prevent people from slipping.
Overlooking the beautiful views of Hongkong Island and Kowloon while enjoying the cool breeze was lovely. It didn't matter so much that the tram ride was cramped, or that people where jostling for the best views on the deck. We took our time to take in the sights and to steal a kiss :)

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