Panorama(ic) Views

I was really excited when I found out that our free and easy travel package to Hongkong had Hotel Panorama as our accommodation venue. I checked out their website, and saw pictures like this one on the left. Reading about the hotel, I found out that there will be panoramic views of the Victoria Harbour.

The only recent times when I've stayed at a fancy hotel was during our honeymoon, and on a work trip to Abu Dhabi. The occasions before that all happened long ago on family holidays. These days I usually choose good-priced, basic accommodation and spend on other experiences when travelling. I therefore had good reason to look forward to seeing our room!

When we checked into the hotel, the receptionist told us cheerfully that they upgraded our room to a "double double bed". I had really no idea what that meant, and didn't bother asking, with visions of a gorgeously large room with spectacular views appearing in my head.

I don't mean to sound so dramatic, but I did get a mild shock when I saw this:
We had a beautiful corner room with almost-full-length windows. BUT, and that is a BIG BUT, the windows all faced old apartment blocks that were SOCLOSE to us. I could see what people where doing in their living rooms and kitchens, and I was absolutely certain that they could see even more of us because of our big windows.

What really got to me though, was this: A gorgeous bathtub by the window in FULL VIEW of our neighbours! Erm. I have to admit there was one night I walked in there less than fully dressed, not realising that the cleaners raised the blinds. That got me scurrying back into the room in top speed.

We found out later that we could pay HK$1,000 more a night if we wanted a room on the higher floors. But no, we lived there for that few days, observing the way Hongkongers in the next block lived ;)


Anonymous said...

hahahah!!! i didn't even bother opening the curtains?! kept them closed the whole time, but think my view not that bad... at least still can see the road.. ;P

Anonymous said...

oh my! really is quite an irony leh. having such huge windows with that view :p

~tif;fany* said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA thats very funny!! we had that kind of view when we stay at some budget bkk hotel when we went last year.

i suppose you can soak in the bathtub with the curtains drawn? but that'll defeat the whole point already aye?

Anonymous said...

Opps but you get to people watch. =p

But not too bad, you have a bathtub. You should see how teeny the hotel I stayed in when I was in HK. =)

Anonymous said...

goodness! that's too close for comfort!

The Rust said...

wow... maybe the apartments there costs more for the 'view' they get.

it's a nice room u got if u like people watching indeed. :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

cote-p: The curtains were drawn when we stepped into the room! And no, we didn't get any road view at all =P

ame: I know! I was telling Roboman that they should have blocked off the windows on the lower floors, but he said the probably wanted to standardise how the hotel looks from the outside.

tiff: Yes everything in the bathroom had to be done with the blinds down =P

moo: I didn't use the tub though! Just the shower. The tub's actually smaller than the one we have at home. I think it is a mini-sized one.

imp: Yes, exactly how I felt!

rust: Haha, well it is in the centre of town so I don't think the rent is cheap!