More Hongkong Food

Dim Sum & Roast Pork Belly - staples in Hongkong. Readers of this blog would know that I often have this in Singapore too.

With Hongkongers' Yum Cha tradition, there must be at least 50 good Dim Sum eateries there. The ones we had were not bad, but I unfortunately didn't find them exceptional. I have been told that many famous Hongkong chefs have moved out to work in Chinese restaurants abroad, leaving the 2nd tiered ones back there. I cannot be sure if this claim is true, because we didn't go to any of the top-notch restaurants - we somehow didn't factor it into our itinerary.

But at least I know my Dim Sum choices back home are of pretty high quality, with most better than what I had in Hongkong.


Anonymous said...

There was this fantastic restaurant we went for dimsum when we were there but I just can't seem to recall its name (much less the direction). =( otherwise, could have passed the contact to you.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

moo: No worries! We had a lot of recommendations but being such a short trip, it was hard to fit everything in. I'm sure I'll go back sometime - perhaps in cooler weather!